The Political Party for Women

Obama with male cabinet members

We all remember the endless comments and spin that the Democrats were the party to protect women’s rights, the party for women, they went on and on about a supposed “war on women” and the insane comments about Romney’s “binders of women” comment. I don’t know about you, but I keep many lists and a lot of important information in binders – evidently the left need a trip to Staples or Office Max to learn about this awesome organizational product that has been around for a very long time. But I digress….

When I was in high school – I remember in Government class when we needed to pick qualified and diverse people to nominate for the cabinet positions. Funny that still sticks in my mind – but it proved why its important and how much thought goes into filling the positions – without just picking people that are close by or your cronies that feel you owe them something.

So – Obama and his spin team spend a lot of time and money to make people believe they had the best interest of women in mind. I don’t believe that for a minute and am wondering why that doesn’t translate into more women in important positions in his administration. There is Valerie Jarrett – but after her comments that anyone who was “against” them would have “hell to pay” — I really don’t count her as being on the side of any of us.

It seems the administration didn’t see a problem with Obama’s latest nominations in this picture

01-10-2013 O with Men







Once people started to complain – they released this picture

01-10-2013 O with some women







Seems to me that the most important thing is nominating the person for the job – regardless of race, gender, etc. Best for the job to me – means the best qualifications and experience for the needs of the individual job. I don’t feel we got that in the president we have —- but would be to the advantage of the American people to have qualified people in the cabinet and the other advisors for the president AND who will defend the Constitution.



How Does Your State Handle Reproductive Rights

reproductive rights by state

With all the talk about “the war on women” and associated topics, I thought this article may be of interest.

While most Americans are aware of the national political debate over birth control and abortion, many are uninformed about the status of reproductive health and rights in their own state. In the interest of an informed public debate, the Population Institute is releasing a report card that gives an overview of what’s happening in the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

Find out if your state is making the grade.

reproductive rights by state

Click here to find out the details for each score. While Liberals considers these factors to be negatives, I think Conservatives will see the scores in a different light.