Obama Misplaced Outrage About Susan Rice

Outrage About Susan Rice

I admit that before Benghazi – I had never heard Susan Rice’s name. One reason for that could be because there wasn’t anything big and important in the news about the UN. That isn’t a glowing recommendation about her performance over the last four years.

Many of us saw the Obama press conference where he was “outraged” that people were questioning Susan Rice’s ability and qualifications to be Secretary of State.

Seems to me it would be nice to see him “outraged” about an Ambassador and 3 service men who were killed in Benghazi by terrorists.

Seems to me he should be “outraged” that requests for increased security were denied repeatedly.

Seems to me he should be “outraged” that someone in the administration changed the talking points to not protect national security, but in turn they were changed in a way that served to mislead the American people.

Just for a few things that should stir that kind of outrage in the president.

What do you think about his feigned outrage – and yes, I am drawing the conclusion that his actions at the press conference were a show for the cameras.

I just saw an interview with Richard Grenell – who was the spokesman for the UN Ambassador – so he is aware of the duties and responsibilities of her job. That puts him in a special position to critique her work at the UN.

Here is the intro and a link to the article. Feel free to share your thoughts.


Ambassador Susan Rice had nothing to do with Benghazi, as President Obama told us, but she appeared on five Sunday political talk shows anyway. On those shows, Rice mouthed talking points that weren’t true. We now know that the talking points did not match the intel reports, which she had complete access to. While the national media debates whether or not she knowingly mislead the public on the Sunday shows, her failings and shortcomings before the Benghazi terrorist attacks have not received the attention they deserve.

Here are 30 reasons (that have nothing to do with Benghazi) why Susan Rice should not get a promotion.

1. failed to call an emergency meeting of the Security Council after the 2010 Haiti earthquake
2. skipped the Security Council debate and vote to add new UN Peacekeepers in Haiti after the earthquake
3. led the US during the most inactive Security Council since 1991 during her first year as Ambassador
4. held her first press conference with the UN Secretary General on the pressing international issue of texting while driving
5. failed to speak out when Col. Gaddafi’s Libya was elected to the UN Human Rights Commission
6. waited 17 months before voting on the one and only UN resolution on Iran passed during her tenure

(Sadly- there is more – http://richardgrenell.com/2012/11/30-reasons-why-susan-rice-shouldnt-be-secretary-of-state/)

Photo – http://www.facebook.com/TheTeaParty.net/posts/384947934927654


UN Treaty

There are many grievances that that American people have with President Obama and his administration. But given all the talk about and defense of Susan Rice this week – makes this even more interesting…. remember at the press conference yesterday, Obama heaped high praise on Rice. He seemed to be clear that she is one of the people he is considering to be the next Secretary of State – giving her very broad power to talk with and negotiate with foreign leaders. Do you want the person who must be in the middle of this project – representing the US throughout the world?

The  very day after the 2012 election — this past Wednesday — the executive branch,  led by Obama, resumed work on an illegal treaty with the U.N. to achieve  despotic gun control reforms that could not otherwise be achieved through the  legislature.

Treaties  to accomplish domestic policies — instead of properly  international matters — are illegal, and yet Obama pursued this very goal  throughout most of 2012, only to curtail his efforts during the campaign  and then eerily resume them the very morning after he had guaranteed  his continued tenure at the presidential seat.  Get ready to hold onto your  guns…but again, they’re mostly useless to vouchsafe rights in our republic  unless we get militias back (the other half of the 2nd  Amendment)!

(Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/11/a_declaration_of_grievances.html#.UKVIEqgeYOY.twitter#ixzz2CK9yBdNT)

This reminds me of  specific comments made by Obama –

He would have more flexibility after the election – overheard on a hot mic

He would do what needs to be done, with or without Congress….

It is way past time for more Americans to OPEN THEIR EYES!



UN Ambassador Susan Rice

For some reason I tuned into President Obama’s press conference today. Maybe I hoped to hear a different tone, something positive, new information on the number of scandals brewing in the administration. Well, that was a waste of time….

I did notice something interesting though –

When asked about UN Ambassador Susan Rice – he picked his words very carefully…

He was asked about her appearance on 5 Sunday morning news shows – where she very clearly said that the tragedy is Benghazi was caused by that stupid YouTube video. Anyone who has paid attention to the news reports – the researched news reports, has learned that the cause was NOT that YouTube video. It was an “Act of Terrorism”. The Obama administration has a hard time with that phrase – maybe its because the Bush administration started the “war on terror” and we know that Obama blames everything possible on Bush – but will save that for another day…

So – we all know Susan Rice was wrong. The question remains – WHY?

President Obama told the reporters and TV viewers that

But let me say specifically about Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work. She has represented the United States and our interests in the United Nations with skill and professionalism and toughness and grace. As I’ve said before, she made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. And I’m happy to have that discussion with them. But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador, who had nothing to do with Benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous.

As far as I’m concerned – these questions remain:

  1. Who decided that Susan Rice was the “right” person to go on the shows?
  2. Why was she chosen over Hillary Clinton, Director Petraeus, or anyone else who was actually involved in the administration’s response to the attack?
  3. Who briefed her about what she was to say?
  4. Who decided to give her wrong information?
  5. Was this done to protect the president since we were close to an election?
  6. Was this done to distract the American people from the fact that the administration’s claimed about AQ are wrong?

Seems to me that the American people have a right to know the answers to these questions and many more.

What questions would you like to ask President Obama and his administration?

Aunt Sam

Read full transcription here – http://historymusings.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/full-text-obama-presidency-november-14-2012-president-barack-obamas-remarks-at-press-conference-in-east-room-white-house/