California Law Empowers Transgenders in Public Schools


I’ve been giving this incident some thought, and just have to share them.  When did we give our country over to special interest groups?  How did it happen that the majority doesn’t matter anymore?  How did we reach the point where we expose our children to unisex bathrooms in public school?  When did we decide that parents don’t have the last word in what is acceptable for their children?

By signing this bill into law, Governor Brown thumbed his nose at all the parents who disagree with having a person of the opposite sex in the bathroom with their child.  He “overrode the objections of Republican lawmakers who said the bill would undermine parental choice and put school children into uncomfortable situations.”

By signing this bill into law, Brown is saying that the feelings of the majority of children come in second to the feelings of one child.  Thinking back to my school days, I would have been humiliated and devastated to have to share a bathroom with boys.  Of course, I understand that children these days are exposed to the world much sooner than I was, due to the internet, loose controls on TV programs, and movies, but still…  And, excuse me for bringing this up, but think about young girls just getting adjusted to having periods.  It’s private.  It’s a big change in your life.  You don’t want the opposite sex in the bathroom with you.

As a conservative woman, mother, and grandmother, I am appalled at the lack of thought and understanding shown by the liberal Democrats who have been running my state for decades.  In their minds, ideology and agenda trump real people, and in this case, impressionable children will suffer the consequences.

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PHOTO: Gov. Jerry Brown signs the state budget during a ceremony at the Capitol, Thursday, June 27, 2013, in Sacramento as Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, left, and Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, right, celebrate in the background. The Sacramento Bee/Lezlie Sterling.