Radical Racialization

The left has long been plying the black community with a form of radical racialization. A new Tea Party campaign is targeting the claim that the Democrats are the party that has the good of blacks at heart. As written by Ky Sisson in Townhall.com:

Last week at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C., TheTeaParty.net‘s Niger Innis, along side civil rights activist Dr. Alveda King, kicked off the campaign. Later, he and others traveled to New York City, Raleigh, North Carolina, and they concluded the tour in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Restore the Dream campaign wants to energize the African-American community to “embrace liberty, individual freedom, free markets and school-choice education,” something they believe the Obama administration has hindered.

“Hope and change liberals have failed the black community,” said Innis.

New statistics help backup Innis’ belief that “the sad state of affairs didn’t come to fruition under one President, but tragically under a Presidency that promised so much; the situation in these communities has gotten much worse.”

The stats include:

  • Only 52% of African-American males graduate from high school in four years.
  • Unemployment rate among African-Americans is 11.5%. That’s twice the national average.
  • The poverty rate for African-Americans has increased sharply since 2008, rising from 12% to 16.1%.
  • The average income for African-Americans is $20,000 less than the national average.
  • African-American home ownership is 21% less than the rest of the country.
  • According to the 2013 National Report Card, the gap in fourth-grade math test scores between black and white students has widened to 40 points — the largest gap since the national study began in 2003.

Innis appeared on several news programs in New York, met with local pastors and other clergy in Raleigh, and met with Ferguson’s mayor, James Knowles, Police Chief Thomas Jackson, and State Senator Marie Chappelle-Nadal.

“All meetings were appreciative of ‘Restore the Dream’s’ involvement and felt there was a role ‘Restore the Dream’ could bring about in what they all want regardless of the political persuasion, which is peace and racial reconciliation,” said Innis.

He is passionate about refuting the “radical racialization” of the left and their combative rhetoric towards racial issues. Innis shared the example of a political flyer put out by the Democratic party in Georgia that implies voting Democrat this November prevents another Ferguson. Last August, 18-year-old Michael Brown, was shot and killed by Ferguson Police officer, Darren Wilson.

“They are exploiting the death of Michael Brown in a crass and devilish way,” said Innis. “That is the kind of vicious racialization that we want to combat and one of the things we said throughout our journey is that you have to get passed the racial symbolism and ask the question, ‘how is the black community doing after 6 years of hope and change?'”

Innis is confident that the success of the tour and ongoing campaign will ensure many more “Restore the Dream” tours to come.




What Did CNN Reporter Say About The Tea Party?

Say what? I didn’t hear that right, did I? Listen and decide for yourself….

Yes, CNN’s Jim Acosta actually defended the Tea Party folks. Although I applaud him for trying to be fair and put a stop to some of the outrageous rhetoric coming out of the media, I have to wonder…is his job secure now?

Government Shutdown: Who is Really at Fault?

In all my years of watching the political scene, I don’t think I’ve ever seen our government in such disarray as it is now.  For the past 5 years, it has been nothing but infighting, name-calling, ridicule, and, let’s face it, Republican/Conservative bashing.  An interesting article in CNN this morning, clearly stated what I’ve been saying for most of Obama’s presidency.

We expect our presidents to be leaders of all the people, not a single party or ideology.  We want them to rise above the squabbling and keep us on track.  The harsh rhetoric that the president has been directing at Republicans suggests that he is less interested in settlement than unconditional surrender.”

Seeing this statement written by David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN, and a former adviser to four presidents, I feel vindicated.  Obama is not and has not been the president for all Americans.  You only have to listen to his speeches, if you can make it through an entire one, to know that.  They consist of ridiculing Republicans/Conservatives and the Tea Party.  He ridicules the Republican-lead House for not doing his bidding.  In all this ridiculing, does he put forth a “real” solution to anything?  How many times has he stated that he will not negotiate with Republicans?  

If only Democrats/Liberals/Progressives would listen, I would like to ask them how they would feel if a Republican president refused to negotiate with their elected representatives.  Would they feel bullied by the president?  Would they feel that they do not have a say-so in their own country?  I think the answers are glaringly evident.     

Yes, that is one red line that Obama will stand behind.  If Republicans in congress listen to their constituents and try to govern for the people and by the people, our president picks up his toys and goes home.  Or goes to the golf course.  It’s childish behavior in the extreme, and, even though the MSM has tried to protect him, he has shown the world that he is not a leader.

But, who will be blamed for the government shutdown?  Why, Republicans, of course.  The MSM, MSNBC, etc will make sure of that.  Instead of demanding that the President of the United States stop this behavior and begin working for the country as a whole, their one-sided reporting allows Obama to continue bullying the opposition.  They give Reid and Pelosi full rein to bash their Republican/Conservative peers, but what does the media report about the Republican party? — “they eat their own.”

Everyone knows Obamacare is not ready to be implemented.  Obama, himself, has unconstitutionally delayed several facets of the bill.  But, for the “masses”–that’s us, folks–this unpopular, unexplained, massive overhaul of our great healthcare system is shoved down our throats.  The polls show that about 70% of Americans do not want Obamacare.  It doesn’t matter what we want.  Obama wants it, and his minions in congress and the MSM, will see that he gets what he wants.

Does anyone really know how this bill is going to work?  Does anyone really understand?  Talk to your friends and neighbors and you’ll find that most everyone is confused.

Obama has shoved this on us without ever explaining exactly what it means to those of us who have worked hard for our entire lives to have the benefits we have.  This is a travesty perpetrated on the American people.

But, who will be blamed for the government shutdown?  Why, Republicans, of course!   

To read the entire article:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/30/opinion/gergen-shutdown/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn