Truckers Ride for the Constitution

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Truckers Ride for the Constitution –


The goal of Truckers Ride For The Constitution is the restoration of our nation as a Constitutional Republic under the US Constitution, as it was given to us by our founding fathers, not the perverted form that we have today. Today the structure has been destroyed and liberty under the Bill of Rights eroded.

“Where vain and aspiring men (politicians) possess the highest seats in Government “ – George Washington.

Our purpose is not of a partisan nature, though those who have made themselves domestic enemies of the Republic will endeavor to make it so. If you love the United States, our flag, our founding, our heritage and our freedoms under the US Constitution, then you are not our enemy, but our brother. If you do not, then you make yourself a traitor to your country and your countrymen. You are the type who slander our nation as evil and give it over to strangers, who indoctrinate our children against their country, who are vile, immoral tyrants who balk at liberty, and bastardize it by framing it as the right to perversion. You use your power in media to spread propaganda rather than hold our leaders accountable. You conspire against your country and your countrymen by disarming us against our enemies. You know who you are and we will not give quarter to traitors, you will be removed from this place.

Truckers Ride for the Constitution – PLAN

Truckers as the movers of the country will carry the banner, as a convoy, at the forefront of a national movement to restore our Constitutional Republic, under the US Constitution. These truckers are our modern day “Fife and Drums Corp” those who go ahead of us to sound the signal and set the course. While our truckers lead the way, this movement is a call for all patriots who love freedom to rise and unite to save our Republic, by drawing attention back to our foundation, a foundation destroyed by enemies through first treachery, then indoctrination of our children through generations, and now through propaganda and media disinformation and abuse.

Truckers Ride for the Constitution – HOW?

Truck Drivers and other non-driving patriot participant will make banners, posters, yard signs, other signs, use shoe polish for rear windows of vehicles, and write the Bill of Rights, and/or quotes from our founders on them. Church marquis, school marquis, magazines, newspapers, movie screen may be used to post one of the Bill of Rights. We will take our Constitution and our flag, and demand restoration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Drivers will ride into Washington, DC on Oct 11-13 armed with our Constitution and our flag, as others take to the hi-ways, streets and overpasses. We demand the restoration of our Constitution and freedoms under the law. We will demand that awlessness halt, and that media hold themselves accountable to the people instead of being mouthpieces and propagandists for out of control leaders. We will take our Constitution and our flag and demand a return to our Constitutional Republic and rule of law.Since enemies of the Constitution, past and present, have relied on lies, treachery, propaganda,, disinformation in media, and indoctination of our children over generations n our schools, to destroy our Republic and our liberty, we unite to take this action of restoring our Republic, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Instructions for the truckers are posted here –


There has been some disinformation floating around. In an attempt to sabotage this movement, some in media are misrepresenting the purpose of this ride.

They are putting forth the falsehood that the truckers plan to blockade Washington and arrest members of Congress and/or Obama.

We, the Truckers Riding For The Constitution only wish to awaken the American People to the complete disregard for the Constitution and to bring a message to Congress that We The People demand to be heard. We do not intend to arrest anyone or blockade DC until Obama is impeached. There are news articles and false statements going out from groups and people that are not a part of this movement. Please understand that these people do not speak for us.

Thank you,
The Truckers of America-Riding for YOU!


It Is Time to Take America Back

It is definitely time to take the country back —

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