Racism No Matter What Ethnicity You Are

Many conservatives are so tired of being called racist because they don’t agree with Obama. However, the media seems to feel its fine for liberals to make derogatory comments about Republicans – and that’s fine.

Believe it or not – Judge Alex Ferrer made an awesome point about comments that are derogatory about race – being racist no matter what your race. He says this is also true when a person makes derogatory comments about their own race or ethnicity.

This woman has a lot of issues and I had no idea she had been on several different TV shows – but I think most people will find her attitude to be completely unbelievable. What do you think of her comments and attitude?

Her comments and the perception reminded me of a conversation the women of the view have had many times. Whoopi and Sherri have said many times that a black person can call another black person – “the N word”. But if a white person says the same thing, that is totally unacceptable and racist. I personally think its wrong for any person to use the word – the fact that its so prevalent in music floors me – but the music sells and kids sing along and repeat the words. That is definitely sending a mixed message to adults and kids.

Here is a video about the woman I mentioned – Judge Alex’ comment is about 1:00 into the video.

Barbara Walters talks about that distinction too – notice Sherri Sheperd’s comment about 45 seconds into the video.


Racial Slur and Racism Claims – Is it an Excuse to Behave Badly

I’ve blogged about the racial slur and racist claims people – often liberals and democrats – make about others. Now – let me start by saying this is not an endorsement of any of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior, but this article reminds me of the racism claims.

None of these people behaved appropriately last night. But Mitchell came up to Lohan and “got in her space” – afterward she admitted that Lohan and everyone else was very drunk. Lindsay told her to back off and may have mumbled “f**king Gypsy” as she walked away. The Mitchell’s friends called Lindsay a whore – supposedly provoked by Lindsay calling her a Gypsy.

I admit that I know very little about Gypsy’s, Travellers, psychics etc – but I do know that the typical term I’ve always heard is Gypsy. However, I’ve heard some things about, people formerly known as Gypsies, wanting to be called Travellers. It obviously isn’t politically correct – but I think of people who ramble, travel and frequently moved from one area to another – that is the definition of a Gypsy to me. Hmmm….

But here is the point of this post – do you feel that people resort to claiming others are racist or said something racist in order to excuse  their own bad behavior? I mean, how many of us remember years of being called names we didn’t like, being treated in ways we didn’t like, being made fun of for things we couldn’t change – and on and on. While I didn’t like the way these people acted toward me – that didn’t make them racist or sexist. In a country where you have and enjoy freedom of speech – these are things that will happen. When you deal with people who don’t think or don’t care how their words and actions will affect others, these things will happen. But – that does NOT make them racist – and it does not give you the right to assault them.

This is an excerpt from a TMZ article about one of Lindsay Lohan’s misadventures last night. Not sure what it says about a person with the money or resources to get in legal troubles on the west and the east coast in the same night…

TMZ spoke with Tiffany Mitchell — a well-known psychic who was at the club Avenue with a friend Wednesday night when Lohan walked in.  

Tiffany tells us … she had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading … but Lohan turned her down saying, “Give me my space.”

As she walked away, Tiffany’s friend says she heard Lohan call her a “f**king Gypsy” … and it set her off. 

We’re told the friend went ballistic — unloading a bunch of insults back at Lohan … calling her a “whore” and telling her “Liz & Dick sucked.”

At that point, Lohan lost her cool and socked the psychic in the eye … and all hell broke loose inside the club. Lohan was eventually arrested for assault. 

Tiffany’s husband tells TMZ, “We are not Gypsies. That has nothing to do with our religion … it was a racist comment.”

So – what do you think??

Another question — Do you think that maybe the “racist” problem is in the mind of groups who perceive certain words as being derogatory? For example the claim that certain words are “racist code words”. And the thing that drives me really crazy, is that people of the same race or nationality can call one another by these “code words” but when a person of another race or nationality uses the words – its racist. Seems to me that the problem may be in the perception not by the person saying the words…..

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/11/29/lindsay-lohan-psychioc-victim-tiffany-mitchell-punch-liz-and-dick-gypsy/#ixzz2Df721TEc


I couldn’t resist the irony of a picture with Lindsay Lohan leaving an Adele concert featured in Global Gypsy Chic – https://gypsyglobalchic.com/press/lindsay-lohan-2/