Why Does There Seem to be So Little Accountability For People in Positions of Authority

Many people have been talking about how there seems to be no accountability for people in authority – but they do enjoy using their power, and not always to help people. That could be the topic of many different blog posts – focusing on local police and politicians, the state authorities, all the up to members of Congress, cabinet holders and the President. But we’ll leave those topics for another day. I saw this article a bicycle rider being killed by a LASD deputy and no charges were even filed.

I think one of the reasons this bothers me is that I’ve seen local policemen abusing their authority – even in small town America. Whether it was spending hours on the phone with their girlfriends while working, pulling people over with lights flashing to get information on people, pulling people over and refusing to give any reason for the stop and on and on and on.

I realize the feeling of being above the law or the Constitution in some cases. is becoming more prevalent — but we are a nation of laws. I’m not talking about the bit picky regulations or other rules and laws being pushed by members of the nanny state. But there are many laws on the books that are actually for the good of all “we the people”.

I want to share some information about the officer who hit the bicyclist – feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

No charges for LASD deputy who fatally struck cyclist while typing on computer

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against a sheriff’s deputy who was apparently distracted by his mobile digital computer when he fatally struck cyclist Milton Olin Jr. in Calabasas in December, officials announced Wednesday.


Olin, a prominent entertainment attorney, was riding his bicycle in the 22400 block of Mulholland Highway when he was struck by L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Wood’s patrol car in the bicycle lane on the afternoon of Dec. 8. The former A&M Records and Napster executive reportedly landed on the windshield and shattered the glass before rolling off the patrol car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wood, a 16-year department veteran, was returning from a fire call at Calabasas High School at the time of the collision.

“Wood entered the bicycle lane as a result of inattention caused by typing into his (Mobile Digital Computer),” according to the declination letter prepared by the Justice System Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s Office and released Wednesday. “He was responding to a deputy who was inquiring whether the fire investigation had been completed. Since Wood was acting within the course and scope of his duties when he began to type his response, under Vehicle Code section 23123.5, he acted lawfully.”

The law does not prohibit officers from using an electronic wireless communications device in the performance of their duties, according to the letter. Furthermore, prosecutors said it was “reasonable” that Wood would have felt that an immediate response was necessary so that a Calabasas deputy wouldn’t unnecessarily respond to the high school.

To read the rest of the article, visit – http://www.dailynews.com/general-news/20140827/in-calabasas-death-of-cyclist-milton-olin-no-charges-against-typing-deputy

This is another one that makes you wonder — and there is even a video. I am not defending her actions behind the wheel – there is no reason to drink drunk, but did that justify what it appears the police did to her? Or do you believe that she “vaulted herself off the wall”?

Cops Claim this Woman “Vaulted Herself off the Wall.” The Video Says Otherwise

Emily Evans was brought into Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, because she was driving drunk. However, the fact that she was drunk did not justify the gross use of force once she was brought inside the jail.

During Evans’ booking she was obviously intoxicated and uncooperative but did her behavior constitute having a taser pointed at her face and the brutal body slam that followed?

This incident all began back on March 30th. Evans was brought in because she blew twice the legal limit during a traffic stop. During a search of Evans, while surrounded by 5 cops, police claim that Evans “vaulted herself off the wall,” thereby causing the severe injuries to herself.

What do you think? Did she “vault herself off the wall”?

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-claim-woman-vaulted-wall-video-otherwise/#yuGDjhj20uVeScjI.99