California Confiscating Legally-Owned Guns

california-gun-confiscation-620x400I haven’t been able to verify this story, yet, but nothing would surprise me about the liberal government in my state.

Reports indicate that California has established a list of people who have legally-owned and registered firearms, but don’t deserve to have their 2nd Amendment rights preserved.  The list has been expanded by the State Legislator to include what they call “prohibited persons.”  It appears that this list is an ever-growing and changing over-reach by the state government, which includes such minor offenses as being behind on state taxes and not paying toll fees in a timely manner.

California is a money-strapped state…one could say the state is broke.  But, somehow, they managed to come up with $24 million to hire additional officers to track down 20,000 people whose names appear on the list.  Wouldn’t this money and man power be better used to break up the gangs in our state, and confiscate their guns?

Raids have already begun.  One gun-owner, Joe Mendez, reports that police shoved M16’s within inches of his face when they raided his home.  He was taken into custody and his legally-owned firearms confiscated.

I think this clearly shows how the government will use gun registration to take firearms away from lawful citizens.  We are coming closer and closer to living in a police state.  Sleep well, my friends…you never know when that knock might be on your door.