The Arrogance of Power

America is in trouble. We need jobs. We need to bring back manufacturing. We need to stop the taxes and regulations that are driving jobs out of the country. We need to stop illegal immigration that is flooding the country with unskilled labor, taking jobs away from young people. This is what the American people are concerned about. According to exit polls, the economy was the number one concern of voters across the country.

So, what does our president do as soon as the election is over? He threatens to take executive action on illegal immigration. He wants to give 5 million illegals a path to citizenship. That’s a lot of jobs we don’t have, and a lot of people to support. Shouldn’t the American people expect more from their president? Shouldn’t we expect that an elected official, in this case the president of the United States, listen to the American people? And the big question…shouldn’t we expect our president to put American citizens and interests first?

Sadly, the answer is all too obvious. Obama has never been the president of the “United” States of America. He has made it his job to rip us apart in every way possible. He made it his job to try to destroy the Republican party by constantly playing the blame game. He made it his job to make sure Harry Reid didn’t put the 360 House Republican bills to a vote in the Senate, thereby, denying Republican voters representation. Now, he is making it his job to bypass Congress.

He has traveled the country and the world sniping at Republicans, the GOP, the Tea Party, Fox News, and anyone who doesn’t agree with his agenda. He has bullied, threatened, whined, thrown temper tantrums, vacationed and golfed.

He has played the race card more than once, getting involved and speaking out when he should have waited for the details to come out. This president, our first black president (he is half white, but doesn’t acknowledge that fact), could have accomplished so much to bring the country together in regards to race relations. He could have guided African Americans toward better skills for building a good life. But, instead, he made matters worse. He forgets that he is supposed to be president over the entire country, not just those that will vote for him.

I wanted to give him the benefit after the election, but every time I try to do that, he proves himself unworthy. He’s in a snit because the Democrats lost power, so he’s going to pull this stunt. It’s a power play that’s pure political posturing. President Obama you’ve had 6 years to pass immigration reform. You had control of the house and the senate for your first two years, and you didn’t do anything about immigration reform. You are thumbing your nose at the American people by taking this action at this time. Shame on you.

These are my thoughts. I don’t ask anyone to agree with me. My frustration with this president and this administration is beyond exasperating.


Economic Recovery Leaving Young People Behind

As a woman with seven grandchildren between the ages of 17 and 27, this story spoke volumes to me. Our young people struggle to go to college. They are left with massive financial debt due to college loans, and they can’t find jobs! It seems to me to be a vicious circle. Young adults can’t find work, so they remain in their parent’s homes. Older people can’t retire because they either have adult children still living with them, or the retirement funds they strove so hard to save have been eaten up by the economy. This has an affect on the job chain; ie, no slots at the top for workers to move up into, which leaves no slots at the bottom for entry level young workers.

My granddaughter looked and looked for a job, and finally settled for a position as a retail clerk at Tuesday Morning. One of her good friends graduated college and now works at a fast food restaurant. The son of a very good friend has a college degree, and is working as a waiter. I could go on and on with these examples.

Read this article. It’s interesting to see what the lack of employment for our young people costs the country in lost tax revenue.

Workers under the age of 30 have contended with five solid years of double-digit unemployment — 19% for 16- to 19-year-olds and 10.6% for 20- to 24-year-olds at last count.

Immigrants to Replace American Citizens in Job Market

Senator Sessions spoke on the floor on September 20, 2013 about the need to create an immigration system that upholds the rule of law and serves the national interest. You have to listen to this video of a portion of his speech to understand that some CEO’s are laying off American citizens, and then lobbying Congress for immigration “carve-outs” to get new workers. In other words, American citizens will be out of a job, while immigrants are hired to fill the positions.

This is insulting. It makes me angry. Sadly, it shows how very little some of our own people care about the future of the United States of America.