Chubby Women Have Brains, Too!

Image I’m going to veer away from politics and other bothersome headlines and express some disdain for Fox News.  Oh, I truly enjoy listening to their reports, and I have faith in what they share, but I have to ask…what is it that most of the women on Fox have in common?  If you look at the picture, you’ll see, if you haven’t already figured it out.  Does there have to be a ‘leggy’ good looking broad on screen in order for some to absorb the news.  To me, the presence of only trim, slim, and mostly blonde women on the network smacks to me of half-naked women splaying themselves across the hood of an automobile on most car magazine overs.  Can’t men read about vehicles unless they see a babe in a bathing suit?  Now most of them have tatoos.

Do I sound bitter? I suppose I am.  For once, I’d like to see a chubby woman reporting the news or claiming to be on a diet.  Tonight I noticed that the face of one of the gals on the five didn’t even move above her lips.  Suppose she’s had botox?  I want to identify with those who report the news  I want to see some dimply legs, a belly roll, or some skin tags.  I think the ladies on Fox do a wonderful job…I just resent their looks…all except Greta.  BTW, how do you suppose she got the job?

Dick Morris Contract Not Renewed at Fox

I don’t know about you – but I am glad to see Dick Morris won’t be on Fox as a regular contributor. Each time he was on I felt like it was a mini commercial for his website. It seemed clear that the various show hosts were frustrated with him too. It slacked a bit in the last months he was on, but it was still irritating.

This article explains his exchange with Piers Morgan and some of the reasons Fox didn’t renew his contract

Fired for always being wrong? Conservative former Clinton adviser Dick Morris will no longer serve as a contributor to Fox News, the network confirmed Tuesday. “His contract is up and we will not be renewing it,” a spokesman said. Morris had not appeared on the network for three months, but announced via Twitter on Tuesday that he will make an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Meanwhile, Fox News re-signed Karl Rove to a multiyear contract and added former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a contributor.

Legitimate and Illegimate Media Outlets

It seems if you watch parts of the all the “news” channels or programs – you would wander if you’re watching news or a slightly politicized version of TMZ. “Reporters” asked questions and the person they are talking to – waves, smiles and walks away if the question is something they don’t want to answer. If their comment is complimentary enough – the subject of the questioning may come over to the reporter and say something witty or quotable.

Have the American people and “journalists” forgotten what we expect from them? Do they remember what it means to be a journalist?

This is a small excerpt from an interview Martin Bashir did last week and it is part of an article about the ongoing battle the Obama administration is waging on Fox News….

Last week Rolling Stone editor Michael Hastings – who is a liberal and said recently that “most journalists I know are liberal” – discussed his time covering Obama on the campaign trail. Among the things he witnessed was a reporter trying to interview Obama using a sock puppet.

He told MSNBCs Martin Bashir, “That’s the presence of Obama, even on the press corps, even on the people who follow him every day. When they are near him, they lose their mind sometimes. They start behaving in ways, you know, that are juvenile and amateurish and they swoon.”

This post also includes a link to a memo from Media Matters – that all people who value the 1st amendment should read.

Rules of Journalism

I watch the news coverage and I watch some of the news shows — and have to wonder, are there any rules to journalism?

I think the problem may be that so many talking heads – portray themselves as journalists or reporters.

  • Where are the journalists that deserve awards?
  • Who should be celebrated because they did something that wasn’t popular, but was necessary?
  • Where are the reporters who are unbiased?
  • Okay, that may be asking too much — how about reporters who don’t openly bash and lie about one side or the other?

Even with the recent tragedy in Newtown Conn, there has been biased reporting and way too much focus on the shooter by some networks. But that’s a topic for another post….

Its been clear for years that much of the media leans to the left, but the outright attacks by some media outlets is unreal.

Maybe we should examine WHY we have freedom of speech? Seems to me that the reason for freedom of speech is in order to expose problems, to protect the innocent and for the greater good, to prevent powerful people from being able to hide the truth, for a few examples.

But – what happens when that freedom of speech is used to spread fear, spread hate and to cover up crimes that are happening?