Higher Taxes, Same Taxes or Lower Taxes

higher taxes - fiscal cliff

It seems inevitable that some income taxes will go up January 1, 2013.

I find it interesting after all the comments about the 99% and the 1% – now that the election is over, we’re hearing about higher taxes for the top 2%. Hmmmm – so the “target group” has now doubled overnight?

Seems to me that considering anyone making over $250,000 as being “the highest earners” — is a little over the top. And I do agree that will include a number of small businesses. Including people who earn over $1 million makes much more sense.

However – it seems Obama made a promise before the first campaign that no one making under $250,000 would see any increase in their taxes. Well – that’s simply not true. Even if you only factor in the “taxes” that are a part of Obama Care – everyone is being taxed.

I also heard in the last week that some politicians campaigned on the idea they would lower taxes. Ummmm, I know that people make promises in campaigns that they cannot keep. But – who in the world could seriously claim they would lower taxes – knowing the country is facing an out of control debt and a president that is determined to spend money and increase taxes? Be serious people – if someone said that and if their voters believed that — we have more problems than I thought.

So – what do you think? Will the politicians be able to pull together and compromise? That’s probably asking for way too much from these people. How about – do you think they can reach an agreement??

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Unlimited Power to Raise the Debt Ceiling – Are They Kidding

Tax small business

Anyone who watches the news, know that Obama likes to spend money and really wants to raise taxes – especially on the top 2% of taxpayers. So – why in the world, would he and Timothy Geitner, think the Republicans would be willing to give Obama total discretion about when and how to raise the debt ceiling?

I keep getting the feeling that the Obama administration feels they have carte blanche to do anything and everything they want – with no consideration for the American people. I’ve mentioned this before – but politicians and their staff members work FOR the American people. That concept keeps getting lost somehow.

For the politicians and other involved in government – remember… “We the People”? That’s US and we don’t want you to spend this country into oblivion and to mortgage the future. Aren’t there more than enough foreclosures now – because of the feeling that everyone should be allowed to have a house? That lead to too many people borrowing too much money, which they could NEVER pay back, even before the housing bubble burst. Ummm sound familiar Mr President and Mr Secretary of the Treasury? Have they ever heard those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it?? That applies even if it was very recent history. It has happened before and if the same thing is done again – you will get the same result…

Obama wants unlimited power to raise the debt ceiling – http://www.infowars.com/obama-wants-dictatorial-power-to-increase-debt/