What Republicans Stand For

Declaration of IndependenceI’m a Conservative/Republican. I know what is important to me–primarily, freedom from government intrusion in my life, freedom to choose for myself how to live my life, freedom to my own beliefs, freedom over my medical care and decisions. In other words–freedom!

In my opinion, Democrats are so ideology driven, it’s like they have blinders on to any other point of view. Many of them fail to recognize how their momentary cause will effect all of us in the long run. The party caters to special interest groups. They know that by giving the members of these groups what they want, regardless of how it effects the country as a whole, they gain votes for their Progressive agenda.

My heart hurts for our great country. I don’t like the direction we are headed. The Progressives have been gaining momentum for years, but under Obama, we are moving at break- neck speed. It’s frightening what our nation will be for our children and grandchildren. There seems to no longer be a moral compass. Political correctness has taken its toll on parenting. I don’t think a lot of children are being raised; they get pleasure out of hurting others, out of causing chaos. They don’t respect authority in the schools, in the streets, in the home.

Earlier today, I read a great article by Aaron Gardner on redstate.com. Here is an excerpt:

This morning a group that I am a member of was asked an interesting question. What do we as Republicans/Libertarians/Conservatives believe in and actually stand FOR? Now, I obviously don’t speak for the entire right of center coalition that exists today. I am more socially conservative than some of my libertarian friends, I am more libertarian than some of my socially conservative friends, and I am more fiscally conservative than nearly all of our elected representatives.

Despite these divisions and nuanced differences on certain policy aspects, I still believe that the center right coalition stands for a few simple things that don’t just bind us together as Republicans, but also have made up the basis for our civil society since our founding.

So what is it that Republicans stand for?

We stand for many things, to list them all out would be quite the task. But it all springs forth from our founding. We stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We stand for life, in that we stand for the dignity of the individual. We stand for life by acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual, embracing them for who they are, rather than what purpose they might suit for the collective. We stand for life in the defense of our nation through the sacrifice of a volunteer military.

We stand for life when we demand that patients and doctors make medical decisions rather than government bureaus and boards.

We stand for life with the recognition that far too many have been extinguished due to license and convenience.

We stand for liberty. We stand for liberty of the individual within the state, the state within the nation, and our nation within the world. We believe that choices that affect the individual do not need to be decided by the collective.

We believe all are born into the liberty our nation offers, regardless of race or creed.

We believe that liberty does not equal license, as license would no doubt curtail the liberty of others. We stand for this liberty in the church pew, in the corporate office, and in the public square.

We stand for the pursuit of happiness.

Please go to http://www.redstate.com/2014/04/09/republicans-stand/ to read the rest of the article.




Naivety in US

This blog post poses some interesting questions about the US and the naivety of the populace.

A Frightening Naivety 

In the days since the US elections, days that have raised the questions of its validity, many interesting things have emerged, one of which is the incredible naivety and misunderstanding of what is being dealt with.

Against a back drop of massive fraud insinuations, with some counties registering up to 144% of their adult population voting for President Obama (and anyone has the gall to criticice our voting?) and mass layoffs, a new issue has arisen.

I am not sure what is more amazing about this, that over a million people, the majority in the Old Confederacy, have signed these petitions and that the lists keep growing or the fact that anyone is naive or silly enough to sign this. In short, such an act is the height of stupidity and self destruction.

In a pseudo police state, that has proven itself willing to go after its citizens, this not simply paints a target on one’s forehead, it lights the siren above one’s head.

But I found the comments to be even more interesting…

How many people feel similar to this comment?

By signing such a petition, I declared myself, officially, an enemy of the tyrannical U.S. government. I knew what I was doing. And if the government wants to come after me for it, then I say bring it on.

What I think is naive is thinking that the American government hasn’t already been compiling lists of names they consider enemies. I’ve suspected for some time that I was already on such a list, given my Internet activities over the years.

And another that I’m sure many people can understand –

Traditionalists and conservatives have no understanding of the mentality of Progressives. For all his faults Romney is a good example. He just didn’t understand what he was up against in Obama who uses gutter Chicago techniques of demonization. Truth and honesty have no meaning to Obamabots. They will use any means to power. They want power, to tell us how to think and live. Progressives can go to hell, and I’m getting fed up with the sheep like mentality of traditionalists and conservatives. 

Hmmm, Obamabots – that seems appropriate for many people….

To read the full post visit – http://mat-rodina.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-frightening-naivety.html

Photo – http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/texas-petition-secede-reaches-threshold-obama-comment/story?id=17701519

Conservatives – Then and Now

I think the majority of us know being a Conservative is considered about as appealing as being a leper to many people. It is interesting to see how the GOP and Conservatives have changed over the years. This is an excerpt from a great article from AskMen.com — the link to the full article is located below.

Young Conservatives -@TheIanLang

Growing up when and where I did, in a very red time in a typically very red state, supporting the Republican party meant something very different than what it does today. I knew no one from the country club set, no WASPs or corporate bigwigs. No one I knew was particularly religious — at least no more fanatic than attending church on Sundays. Nobody was gay (at least not openly), though for kids growing up in the South, homosexuality became a flashpoint topic right around the first time someone called you a “fag” in middle school. No one’s voting preferences depended on any of that social stuff. Calling yourself a Republican was a way of telling the world that you worked for your success, that you believed in the spirit of capitalism and you weren’t a fan of excessive government spending. Voting Democrat was for the effete, the uninitiated and anyone looking for a government handout.

Fast-forward to today, and now the Republican party is about as attractive as prison rape. Frankly, I’m relieved that the election is over, because it marked the end of a six-month stretch in which mentioning that I tended to vote for Republican candidates placed me in what many people consider an untouchable caste. I’m tired of the smugness, the condescension and people acting as though my support for certain tenets of conservatism is an insult to their intelligence. I’ve been called, without provocation, a racist, a misogynist and a homophobe. “Oh, you’re a Republican? You must want to take us back to the 1950s,” people would say, ignoring the fact that at the very furthest extremes, both parties would have us living in dirt-floor huts, reading books by candlelight. The only difference would be the choice of book. Some friends would say things like, “I have a brain, so I’m voting for human rights.”

No, you smug f*ck. You’re voting for the POTUS. 

Read more: http://www.askmen.com/entertainment/austin/young-conservatives.html?utm_source=01.%20AskMen%20Newsletter%20-%20ALL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Nov16_9721_510651_510712&utm_content=7588644#ixzz2CRtvBnPt