Neighbor Attacks Autistic Child and Family

This is one of the most horrible letters I’ve ever read. Hate is a very ugly thing, and I can’t even imagine the sort of person that would have these thoughts and that would feel it is acceptable to put them on paper and send to a family. I realize that bullying is at a ridiculous high and that many people seem to have no concern or compassion for other people – but this is unconscionable. After reading the letter – definitely click the link below and watch the news report.



Mocking a Man With Many Achievements

You know – I have a lot of issues with people who mock people with disabilities of any kind. Its juvenile, hurtful and actually shows the measure of the person doing the mocking.

Whether you agree with Charles Krauthammer or not – you should at least acknowledge the things he has accomplished and the hardships he has overcome.

This is the comment that caught my attention –

Anchor Martin Bashir on Wednesday jokingly apologized to young viewers who might have been “frightened by” Charles Krauthammer’s face in a video clip that was aired on his show.

In case you aren’t familiar with Charles, here are some details about his life — and I included a picture from his Facebook page.

Krauthammer is a Pulitzer Prize-winner whose columns are syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets.

He received a medical degree from Harvard in 1975 completing his residency in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. In 1984 he was certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

While at Harvard, he was involved in a diving accident that left him paralyzed but didn’t prevent him from finishing his studies and completing his degree.

He received a Pulitzer Prize in 1987, and is considered one of the nation’s leading conservative voices.

And that last sentence reveals why its “okay” to mock him – he is one of the nation’s leading conservative voices. Funny, he used to be a liberal, maybe it would be good to find out why he changed his mind…

If you’d like to see more about Charles Krauthammer, this is the link to his Facebook page –