Lara Logan on Benghazi

This is a must-hear speech for every American. We can no longer hide behind false political speeches. American citizens need to understand what is going on. We need to understand that the Taliban, Al Quaeda, Pakistan, etc are waging a war of terrorism against the USA, and against our way of life.


Economic Warfare by Fire

If anyone doubts that the USA is under attack by terrorists, just listen to this video. William Scott details the causes of the recent spate of wildfires across our nation, and how some of them were started by terrorists. These fires offer terrorists a way to hurt the USA economically, with little danger or expense to themselves.

We are under attack, people. While many Americans sit complacently awaiting the government to tell them what to do next, terrorists are planning our downfall.

My Thoughts on the Syria Debacle

First, some qualifiers.  I don’t have a poly/sci degree.  I’m not an expert on the Middle East.  I’m not a politician.

I am an American citizen with extreme concerns about our country.  We are in dire need of a strong leader–we don’t have one.  We are in dire need of representatives willing to work together toward the common good of the country–we don’t have them.  We are in dire need of a strong sense of patriotism in the country, and by our leaders–we don’t have that.

My sense is that we, as a country, are floundering.  A large percentage of us do not trust our president or our elected representatives.  Lies have become the norm, and hidden agendas are suspect.  This may sound like doom and gloom to some, but in my opinion we have a sneaky, shadowy, back-room type of government.  Never, in all the years I have been following politics, have I seen the like of what is going on in Washington these days.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the NSA spying on American citizens, and the IRS targeting opposition groups.  All we get from Obama and Holder are meaningless speeches.  No action is taken, evidence is hidden, nothing is done to correct the wrongs.  Nothing is done to garner the trust of the American people.  My personal opinion is that Obama doesn’t care about any of us, including his followers.  He is a narcissist, who only cares about his image and getting his way.

Now Syria.  How can we trust our government to do the right thing?  And, what is the right thing?  Does anyone know?  Assad is a bad guy, I think we can all agree on that.  But, the rebels?  Who are they?  What truth do we know about them?  My understanding is that Al Quaeda has infiltrated the resistance.

Four months ago, Alex Bennet wrote in World:

Numbering 50,000 men, the Free Syrian Army, a self-declared non-sectarian group of early army defectors, remains the largest opposition group in the country. But during the past year other factions have entered the fray. If their numbers, as well as their political views are anything to go by, the possibility of a united front seems remote. 

The Syrian Liberation Front, numbering 37,000 fighters, and the Syrian Islamic Front, numbering 13,000 fighters, operate in Syria’s southeast and northeast respectively. Both of these groups espouse an Islamist ideology, in contrast to the self-declared non-sectarianism of the Free Syrian Army.

However the real challenge to the unity of the Syrian opposition lies in Jabhat al-Nusra, to whom thousands of Free Syrian army fighters have apparently defected. Numbering only 5,000 fighters as of January, but now perhaps many more, al-Nusra’s core fighters come from Iraq’s post-war insurgency and have recently pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

To read more of his opinion:

With Obama’s waffling, the USA’s image is weak in the Middle East, as evidenced by this joke in a Saudi newspaper.

“We will strike with all our might,” says U.S. President Barack Obama, depicted in a cartoon in Saudi newspaper Alsharq.

But when?

Wearing a dreamy smile, Obama replies: “In a day, a week, a month, a year, 10 years – or however many years you can count.”

So, what are we getting ourselves involved in?  We have moved warships into the gulf, including the USS Nimitz.  Russia has sent in a spy ship.  We have no allies with the exception of France, and they might just give lip service to the cause.  Even our closest ally, the UK, has voted against joining Obama in this attack on Syria.  Should the US go it alone?  Do we need to get involved in another war in the Middle East?  Is there any end to the wars, tribal infighting, civil unrest, bombings, etc in the Middle East?

It seems to me that both sides in the civil war in Syria are enemies of the US.  So, who do we assist, and why?  Believe me, I feel very badly for the innocent Syrian people caught between Assad’s army and the rebels.  It’s criminal that chemical warfare was used against the people.  Assad is guilty of war crimes, if it is proven that he is the one who dispensed the Sarin gas.  The rebels have committed their own atrocities, including cutting open a corpse and eating the heart and liver.

I’m just not sure we can afford–monetarily or morally–to get involved in another war.  It seems to me the world needs to condemn Assad, and demand his surrender.

The US can no longer be the world police without help from the world.

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