Some Truth About Hobby Lobby

The Left is foaming at the mouth over the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. I’m seeing the posts on Facebook from people who obviously have no idea what they are screaming about. With restraint I have not commented on these posts, although I consider them to be outright lies to stir up the phony War on Women again. Please tell me we are not stupid enough to elect another president based on social issues. Have we not learned anything?

In case anyone on the left would like to know the facts, here are a few they can chew on instead of their fingernails. This case was NEVER about contraception. It was NEVER about a War on Women. It was and is about religious freedom in our country. I have to wonder how these same people who are demanding that we put aside our beliefs in order to please them, would feel if the situation were reversed. I mean, really, are we demanding that they not use contraceptives? Are we forcing them to work at Hobby Lobby? Or are we merely saying that company owners should not be forced to pay for abortions when it goes against their personal beliefs.

Here is a list of contraceptive coverages that Hobby Lobby offers to a female employee:

She joins Hobby Lobby’s health care plan. It includes access, copay-free, to the following categories of FDA-approved birth-control:

  1. Male condoms
  2. Female condoms
  3. Diaphragms with spermicide
  4. Sponges with spermicide
  5. Cervical caps with spermicide
  6. Spermicide alone
  7. Birth-control pills with estrogen and progestin (“Combined Pill)
  8. Birth-control pills with progestin alone (“The Mini Pill)
  9. Birth control pills (extended/continuous use)
  10. Contraceptive patches
  11. Contraceptive rings
  12. Progestin injections
  13. Implantable rods
  14. Vasectomies
  15. Female sterilization surgeries
  16. Female sterilization implants

(This female employee at Hobby Lobby cannot use male condoms or a vasectomy, at least not directly. However, if she chose either contraceptive method, in conjunction with her husband, she would have access to it.)

Further, not only would she have access to these medicines and devices, but Hobby Lobby would fund them. That’s right: while White House press secretary Josh Earnest claims that it “jeopardizes the health of women,” Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for 16 different kinds of contraceptives for its female employees!

In the Left’s fantasy world, the militant Christians at Hobby Lobby police single female employees to assure that they have not engaged in sinful, premarital sex. As for married women, Hobby Lobby deprives them of birth control so that each can deliver a new baby every nine months, for God’s glory, just like in the Old Testament.

Liberals are living in a cartoon of their own making.

Again, Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for birth-control pills, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, and other items to help female employees plan their pregnancies. The Left’s arguments to the contrary are — surprise, surprise — lies.

What Hobby Lobby will not cover are four contraceptive methods that its owners fear are abortifacients:

  1. Plan B (“The Morning After Pill”)
  2. Ella (a similar type of “emergency contraception”)
  3. Copper Intra-Uterine Device
  4. IUD with progestin

Rather than simply prevent sperm and ova from uniting, Hobby Lobby’s owners believe that these medications either kill human beings when they are fertilized eggs or prevent them from implanting themselves in utero, whereupon they die. These are called abortifacients.

Hobby Lobby does not prevent its female employees from using any of these four types of contraceptives. However, since they believe these innovations kill babies, they simply require that any employees who want to use them buy them with their own money.

Yes, somehow, Hobby Lobby is evil because it pays for 16 kinds of contraceptives, and expects its employees themselves to purchase four others that might kill human babies.


9 Obamacare Predictions That Have Come True

I read this post on The Foundry and thought it was valuable information to share. At this point in time, I have not checked out the validity of each point.

Four years ago, many health policy analysts, including those at The Heritage Foundation, predicted some of the effects this law would have on Americans. These are all coming true. Here are nine of our predictions that have come to pass—and it’s not over yet.

1. The individual mandate is an enforcement nightmare.

As a candidate, President Obama worried that an individual mandate to buy insurance would be unenforceable. He changed his mind once he became president. This year—the first year that the mandate penalties are to be imposed—he has already started backtracking on the enforcement of the provision he signed into law.

2. The law will create new disincentives to work.

Between Obamacare’s higher taxes and its subsidies that drop off if you raise your income, there’s not a lot of incentive here to work harder and better your situation.

3. The law, particularly the employer mandate, will impose new costs on businesses that undercut jobs and wages.

The employer mandate has been delayed until 2015, but the uncertainty Obamacare has created—and its 18 new tax hikes—have put a huge dent in job creation.

4. The law undermines competition and further consolidates health insurance markets.

Heritage Foundation analysis of federal and state exchanges shows that the law has, in general, reduced competition and consolidated health insurance markets. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of insurers offering coverage on the individual markets in all 50 states has declined nationwide by 29 percent.

5. The law guarantees major premium increases.

As Heritage predicted, the average annual premiums for single and family coverage in 2014 are rising in the state and federal health insurance exchanges all around the country. In 11 states, premiums for 27-year-olds have more than doubled since 2013; in 13 states, premiums for 50-year-olds have increased more than 50 percent.

>>> Get more details on all of these Obamacare effects

6. The law discourages insurance enrollment among the young.

The law’s insurance rules and new benefit mandates will make it cheaper for many younger Americans simply to remain uninsured and pay the penalty fine. It’s not surprising that young people have been staying away.

7. The law’s Medicare savings would not financially strengthen Medicare.

The law’s proponents originally promised that “savings” from Medicare changes would be spent simultaneously in two places: helping Medicare and expanding Obamacare. But money can be spent only once, so that didn’t work.

8. The law’s Medicare changes will result in reduced benefits and threaten seniors’ access to care.

The law’s impact is fairly straightforward: Fewer Medicare providers, reimbursed at rates progressively reduced over time, will create access problems for patients. Medicare cuts have been underway for several years now.

9. The law compels taxpayers to fund abortion and weakens protections of the right of conscience.

Obamacare mandates health plans that include coverage of abortion. It also spawned the Health and Human Services regulatory mandate that forces American employers to provide coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. It is safe to say that four years ago, millions of Americans did not expect that the national health care law would become a vehicle for an aggressive government infringement of personal liberty or coerce Americans to fund medical procedures and drugs in direct violation of their ethical and religious convictions.

Is it any wonder public opinion is against this debacle? It’s unfair, unworkable, and unaffordable. We need real health reform that puts patients back at the center and increases choice for Americans.

Obamacare’s Newest Target?

My husband and I have had some serious illnesses/surgeries. When you go through something like being told you have three brain aneurysms on the carotid arteries, you want to be able to get to the very best doctors you can. I’ve lived through that, and thank God, the three surgeries/procedures saved not only my life, but, more importantly, the quality of my life. Bob and I made the hour long drive to get to the best, Dr. Giannota, a Neurosurgeon at USC University Hospital.  (University of Southern California)

We would not have been able to have the security of knowing I was getting the very best care, if we’d had anything other than an Indemnity insurance policy. Unlike an HMO or PPO, with an Indemnity plan you can pick and choose your doctors. YOU can decide what the best plan of action is for you at that time. You are not tied down to a specific “Group.”

My husband has, now, been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s not something that anyone wants to hear, but after going through about five neurologists, we have found the one that we feel is giving Bob the best care. She is at UCI (University of California at Irvine). Again, she would be out-of-network of any Group plan that would be available to us. And, again, it’s about a forty-five minute drive to get to her. That is our choice–and isn’t that what America used to stand  for…freedom to choose?

Over the years, I have learned that, if you can get to a  University doctor, and if your doctor is a “Fellow” at the University, you are getting the top of the line in new procedures. I, personally and for various reasons, have been a patient in UCI, USC University Hospital (not the Community Hospital), and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Thank the dear Lord, I was able to get this care. I DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY.

Is the Indemnity Plan going to be the next casualty on Obama’s hit list for good health care? Is the fact that Bob and I have been willing to pay the 20% rather than a co-pay a bad thing? Is the fact that we were willing to drive the extra mile or so to get the care we wanted a bad thing? According to Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate, I guess that’s just too much freedom and thought work for us. No, they need to take all that brain activity out of our hands. After all, they’re smarter than we are, right? Yeah, just let are brains turn to mush, because the government can handle everything for us!

Something else to think about. Obama and the Democrats like to shout about equality in our country. Has anyone considered that the people who live in high income areas will have access to better care than those who live in poorer areas? That’s what happens when you force people to be in “Groups.”

I don’t know that this will happen, and I’m sure Obama and his minions don’t know, either, but below is the article I found on Patriot Post.

Another ObamaCare insurance policy casualty may be what’s known as fixed benefit or indemnity insurance. People who hold these policies receive a fixed sum of money when they use health care services, and because they’re not tied to a network, these policyholders can visit any doctor they like. And they’re less expensive than the typical insurance policy. Yet new regulations sprouting from ObamaCare would make these plans illegal because they don’t offer the required benefits of the law. That means – you guessed it – another wave of cancellations of plans that people like. There are hundreds of thousands of people on these policies, and enrollment in them has increased thanks to ObamaCare’s spiking premium costs. The poor will be hardest hit.