Another Planned Parenthood “Counselor”

Flush It - Planned Parenthood

I understand that women want to have the right to make choices about their body. I get that.

I understand there are some situations – incest, rape, danger to the woman’s health – where a woman may chose to have an abortion. Not saying I would agree, but I understand their desire to make this decision. I get that.

I understand women wanting to be empowered. I share that desire and I get it.

But – how can people see information about the Kermit Gosnell trial and not be sick by what they see? That’s the material for a longer post that I’m not ready to write.

However, take a look at this video and see if you can help me understand how a “counselor” who is supposed to help women, can do this…

Polar Opposite Sides of the Abortion Debate

A few days ago, I shared a video by a pro-choice group. A video that was supposedly meant to be humorous, but every comment I’ve seen was very negative – from people on both sides of the discussion.

Today – I share a video created by 60 students from around the US

This shows the big budget approach to the debate

Happy 40th Anniversary Baby – Are They Kidding

happy 40th birthday baby

The most offensive video I’ve seen in a long time is this video in “celebration” of the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Seems to me that whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you would find this to be an obnoxious way to mark the anniversary. A side note – if the right had used a black actor in a video about abortion, seems like the media and anyone else with a voice or an internet connection would be complaining about racism, so why aren’t they talking about this video. It is shameful on so many levels. Pro life or pro choice, abortion isn’t something to celebrate or romanticize which is how this video comes across to me.

Choose Life or Reproductive Freedom

Choose Life License Plate

It seems the ACLU should have bigger and more important things to work on- its a vanity license plate for goodness sake.

North Carolina approved a “Choose Life” vanity license plate in 2011, but it has now been shelved.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit in September 2011 after state legislators approved the “Choose Life” plate but refused to authorize voluntary license plates with abortion rights slogans such as “Respect Choice.”

The anti-abortion plate was one of approximately 70 new specialty plates approved by the Republican-led legislature and signed into law by Democratic Governor Bev Perdue in June 2011.

My thought is — If you’re going to complain about something – then offer a solution.

Otherwise you end up with a stalemate like we have in DC. Offer a viable solution instead of just complaining about and blocking other people’s freedoms.

Doesn’t it seem like authorizing a “Respect Choice” license plate would be the easiest solution to this complaint? Instead of moving forward with a very viable solution – the ACLU opted to leave themselves an opening to squelch the freedom and right of Pro Life people, to have this license plate. Hmmm, seems a little selfish to me. I would say let’s “life and let life” – but that would open another can of worms in the life vs abortion debate wouldn’t it?

However – showing the opposing view to things could go on and on forever. No matter what the topic is – there always seems to be someone who is willing to complain about it.

I also find it interesting that pro choice is now – “Reproductive Freedom”. Choosing to let a being live or die in my mind – is not a freedom. That could easily wreak havoc on the judicial system. Of course – it is “easier” to just contend that a fetus is not a person until they are born. I’m not saying there is never a time when a woman should have the right to have an abortion – particular in the case of rape or incest and if her health is threatened. But this is obviously a debate that will go on for many years….

Funny – I’m in VA, but if the ACLU hadn’t started this debate, I probably never would’ve heard about the new plates. Bet that is true for a lot of people throughout the country….. and likely other states will consider this vanity plate option.