Elizabeth Warren Forms an Exploratory Committee

Here is the 2nd post for a Democrat forming an exploratory committee for a possible presidential run.

Elizabeth Warren 


PS – I am in no way endorsing or agreeing with her views or comments in this video by sharing it.

Heritage Report – Obamacare Enrollment Increase From Medicaid Expansion

Obama brags that Obamaare is working well. Hmmm – if you’d like the nitty gritty on some parts of the so called “Affordable Care Act”, check out this report…


Health insurance enrollment data show that the number of Americans with private health insurance coverage increased by a bit less than 2.5 million in the first half of 2014. While enrollment in individual market coverage grew by almost 6.3 million, 61 percent of that gain was offset by a reduction of nearly 3.8 million individuals with employer-sponsored coverage. During the same period, Medicaid enrollment increased by almost 6.1 million—principally as a result of Obamacare expanding eligibility to able-bodied, working-age adults. Consequently, 71 percent of the combined increase in health insurance coverage during the first half of 2014 was attributable to 25 states and the District of Columbia adopting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

To read the report and very thorough breakdown – http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2014/10/obamacares-enrollment-increase-mainly-due-to-medicaid-expansion

Urban Health Initiative – Was it Meant to Help the Poor or the Hospital?

Years before Michelle Obama and Valerie Jared took their current positions in the White House – they were deeply involved in the Urban Health Initiative. I hadn’t heard about this. But its interesting information and makes you wonder – were there strategic reasons why Michelle Obama – a former VP at Chicago University Hospital – wasn’t really in the public eye during the many months of coverage about Obama Care. This story could certainly be a reason to keep her out of the public eye while trying to shove the so called “Affordable Care Act” down the throat of the American public.

Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret in a so-called Patient Dumping Plan??

I do not have additional information at this moment about this situation – but it is an interesting story to dig into deeper….

I’m frightened…are you?

Obama-4-23-12Facebook is a great social media for sharing and enjoying the posts of others.  Of course there are some users you wish would find another way to utilize their time, but today, I engaged in a conversation about the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.  While some are singing the praises of a president who provided them insurance despite pre-existing conditions, others are bemoaning the ridiculous co-pays and deductibles they now face.  I’m honestly trying to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and keep out of political rants, but I couldn’t help myself..and needed to share my opinion, and it got me thinking.  (If you click the FB link, you’ll be taken to a video everyone should see.)

As a victim of Obamacare, since my previous provider bailed on my retirement system, I was changed to a policy over which I had no choice because I live out of state.  Although my deductibles are not ridiculous… and since the change my spouse and I are both primarily Medicare, we don’t face the problem my son and his family do.  They have a $2500 per person deducible, and the insurance refuses to cover his wife because she is also employed and can provide her own. Of course, the cost is prohibitive and adds a further burden.

Someone has to pay for all those people who didn’t have insurance previously, and guess where the burden lies.  We taxpayers are also footing the bill for all those free phones Obama is giving away for emergency situations.  Of course, the fact that I’ve seen interviews of welfare recipients who have more than one makes me question the validity of the decision, but what really fries me is trying to understand why we’re paying for 250 texting minutes for phones that are to be used in emergencies.  What’s up with that?

The current administration has added so much to the national debt, despite promising to reduce the deficit and maintain transparency.  Transparency, to me, means we should know what’s going on, but do we?  Rumors circulate that Medicare and Social Security funds have been funneled elsewhere despite the fact that employees paid into accounts to sustain them in their senior years.  The rumors, and they continue to be rumors because I’m sure the government doesn’t want to admit thievery, scare me senseless.  My husband and I are totally dependent upon those two funds to sustain us.  We would be screwed if the funds are indeed ready to run out.

I’m totally disappointed in the current administration.  Obama’s campaign promises of transparency and change have both been bold-faced lies.  The changes have been disappointing, if not expensive. and his need to act autonomously leaves the public wondering what’s around the corner. Remember his statement…”I have a pen and a phone?”  Why he hasn’t been impeached is a mystery and how some folks can still praise and find him a supreme leader is beyond my comprehension.  Our future is walking a perilous line.

I only hope the right candidate comes along who cares about the older American public and addresses issues that keep us secure. Wouldn’t it be wonderful  if  Americans disregarded their political affiliation and voted a PERSON not a PARTY? The two party system has divided us and makes us choose a side.  Voting for an Independent is like throwing your vote in the trash because family tradition is at work against anyone who dares stray from making a choice and picking one side of a line that’s been drawn by the Dem/GOP.  There  are too many people who follow Grandpa’s lead instead of taking time to investigate on their own and cast an educated vote.  There shouldn’t be an “aisle” and finger-pointing on both sides.  We should be one party UNITED for the good of America.

Did I say  “hope?”  Actually, I PRAY  for those miracles. We need someone who can restore the respect we’ve lost overseas, someone who isn’t afraid to truly run a transparent administration, and someone who believes in the constitution.  Even more, we need some who believes in closing the borders and having people enter legally to earn the benefits they are getting for free now.  I can’t afford to support thousands of refugee children….can you?  Enough said.




Some Truth About Hobby Lobby

The Left is foaming at the mouth over the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. I’m seeing the posts on Facebook from people who obviously have no idea what they are screaming about. With restraint I have not commented on these posts, although I consider them to be outright lies to stir up the phony War on Women again. Please tell me we are not stupid enough to elect another president based on social issues. Have we not learned anything?

In case anyone on the left would like to know the facts, here are a few they can chew on instead of their fingernails. This case was NEVER about contraception. It was NEVER about a War on Women. It was and is about religious freedom in our country. I have to wonder how these same people who are demanding that we put aside our beliefs in order to please them, would feel if the situation were reversed. I mean, really, are we demanding that they not use contraceptives? Are we forcing them to work at Hobby Lobby? Or are we merely saying that company owners should not be forced to pay for abortions when it goes against their personal beliefs.

Here is a list of contraceptive coverages that Hobby Lobby offers to a female employee:

She joins Hobby Lobby’s health care plan. It includes access, copay-free, to the following categories of FDA-approved birth-control:

  1. Male condoms
  2. Female condoms
  3. Diaphragms with spermicide
  4. Sponges with spermicide
  5. Cervical caps with spermicide
  6. Spermicide alone
  7. Birth-control pills with estrogen and progestin (“Combined Pill)
  8. Birth-control pills with progestin alone (“The Mini Pill)
  9. Birth control pills (extended/continuous use)
  10. Contraceptive patches
  11. Contraceptive rings
  12. Progestin injections
  13. Implantable rods
  14. Vasectomies
  15. Female sterilization surgeries
  16. Female sterilization implants

(This female employee at Hobby Lobby cannot use male condoms or a vasectomy, at least not directly. However, if she chose either contraceptive method, in conjunction with her husband, she would have access to it.)

Further, not only would she have access to these medicines and devices, but Hobby Lobby would fund them. That’s right: while White House press secretary Josh Earnest claims that it “jeopardizes the health of women,” Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for 16 different kinds of contraceptives for its female employees!

In the Left’s fantasy world, the militant Christians at Hobby Lobby police single female employees to assure that they have not engaged in sinful, premarital sex. As for married women, Hobby Lobby deprives them of birth control so that each can deliver a new baby every nine months, for God’s glory, just like in the Old Testament.

Liberals are living in a cartoon of their own making.

Again, Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for birth-control pills, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, and other items to help female employees plan their pregnancies. The Left’s arguments to the contrary are — surprise, surprise — lies.

What Hobby Lobby will not cover are four contraceptive methods that its owners fear are abortifacients:

  1. Plan B (“The Morning After Pill”)
  2. Ella (a similar type of “emergency contraception”)
  3. Copper Intra-Uterine Device
  4. IUD with progestin

Rather than simply prevent sperm and ova from uniting, Hobby Lobby’s owners believe that these medications either kill human beings when they are fertilized eggs or prevent them from implanting themselves in utero, whereupon they die. These are called abortifacients.

Hobby Lobby does not prevent its female employees from using any of these four types of contraceptives. However, since they believe these innovations kill babies, they simply require that any employees who want to use them buy them with their own money.

Yes, somehow, Hobby Lobby is evil because it pays for 16 kinds of contraceptives, and expects its employees themselves to purchase four others that might kill human babies.




Are Obamacare Subsidies Working

The answer to that question depends on how you define “working”. Here are some interesting numbers I just read in an article —

Of the much-discussed eight million Americans who have signed up for Obamacare, the “vast majority … are receiving financial assistance,” according to a Department of Health and Human Services report released this week. What that means is this: Of the eight million, about 85 percent, or 6.8 million, actually paid for coverage. Of those, about 87 percent, or 5.9 million, receive taxpayer-paid subsidies to help them pay.

In other words, nearly everyone who has bought insurance through the Obamacare exchanges has done so with money from the government. And the subsidies are significant — an average of $264 a month, according to HHS. The average monthly premium is $346, according to the report, so minus the $264 subsidy, the average subsidy recipient is paying a net cost of $82 a month for coverage. The government pays the rest.

You can read the full article here — http://washingtonexaminer.com/why-obamacare-good-news-applies-only-to-the-poor/article/2549978

Red and emphasis added by me.

Obamacare: Worse Than We Thought?

Several months ago, CBO updated some of its findings, averring that the law’s price tag over its first true decade was more than $2 trillion, and concluding that the law has slowed economic growth, impeded hiring, and will drastically reduce the US workforce. – Guy Benson, Townhall.com

It’s obvious to me that Obamacare is as bad as most of us thought, and possibly even worse. The passage of this monstrosity is what happens when bloated egos get in the way of common sense.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their Dem puppets were told over and over again by Republicans what this law would do to our country. They would not listen. Obama has changed the law numerous times, without Constitutional authority, I might add, trying to force it to work. Reid will look us straight in the eye through the TV lens, and lie without blinking an eye. Pelosi, just keeps on making her dingbat comments. Some of the Dems, who voted for this monstrosity? They have stretched their puppet strings as far as possible–without breaking them–to distance themselves from Obamacare.

But, we are stuck with it. And it’s going to hurt, folks. It’s going to hurt in our pockets, our medical care, and our very lives. Make no mistake about it.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Benson’s article:

We’ve been buried in the Bergdahl story all week, but this nugget is worth coming up for air to cover. By way of background, on the eve of Democrats’ party-line Obamacare vote in 2010, they used a cynically manufactured Congressional Budget Office (CBO) “score” to provide jittery members a fig leaf with which to justify an ‘aye’ tally. The report they hailed purported to show that Obamacare would cost less than a trillion dollars and that it would help reduce deficits. Republicans argued that it was preposterous to suggest that the creation of a brand new, massive entitlement program could possibly save the government money, but triumphant Democrats waved around the CBO document as the gospel truth.

Several months ago, CBO updated some of its findings, averring that the law’s price tag over its first true decade was more than $2 trillion, and concluding that the law has slowed economic growth, impeded hiring, and will drastically reduce the US workforce. The Left spun like crazy and gnashed their teeth, but the analysis was there in black and white, and this time it actually matched most Americans’ intuitions about the law. How will Obamacare impact America’s fiscal health moving forward? CBO has quietly announced that they no longer have confidence that they can answer that question with a reasonable degree of accuracy, so they’re essentially giving up on the task.

This is a neat trick, isn’t it? Step one: Use a carefully-gamed CBO score to help pass your giant law over the will of the public. Step two: Issue so many on-the-fly changes, revisions and waivers to the resulting monstrosity that the CBO throws in the towel on trying to track the real data, thus undercutting a key nonpartisan group’s efforts to evaluate the veracity of your previous claims. Quite the scheme. Meanwhile, Dan told you yesterday about the Associated Press scoop that roughly one-fourth of Obamacare exchange “enrollees” are facing discrepancies that could force them to pay more, or result in dropped coverage.

The Hill’swrite-up notes that, “the inconsistencies point to the possibility that many enrollees obtained coverage or subsidies without being eligible.” It also looks as though nearly half of the affected cases pertain to immigration and citizenship status.

There’s much more to the article and I encourage you to check it out at  http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2014/06/05/cbo-by-the-way-we-can-no-longer-score-obamacares-fiscal-impact-n1847785?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm

Also, find more information at http://www.rollcall.com/news/-233551-1.html?zkPrintable=true

And, http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/208274-report-data-discrepancies-threaten-o-care-coverage-for-millions