About Aunt Sam

Seems to me that Uncle Sam is a well known US icon – people recognize his pictures, they use him in political cartoons, on magazine covers and much more. So, when I decided to come up with a pseudonym to share my political thoughts, it made sense to be the great great great granddaughter of Uncle Sam — so, I’m Aunt Sam, short for Samantha Caroline.

I am a conservative with libretarian leanings — but I think that will be very obvious through the thoughts I share. Feel free to chime in – in a productive way. I have NO doubt there are probably 50,000,000 people in this country who disagree with me, but as of November 2012, I still have the right to speak my mind. And I intend to use it.

If you would like to share your thoughts here in the form of a guest post – drop me a note at aretheykidding@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about the things I have to say…. we’ve got our eyes on you

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