The States Rights Debate Isn’t Dead

Michael Patrick Leahy for Breitbart Writes:

A new Rasmussen Poll indicates that a growing number of Americans want state governments to tell the Supreme Court to get out of the business of rewriting laws and telling American citizens how to live their lives.

In a new poll, Rasmussen reported the percentage of Americans who want states to tell the Supreme Court it does not have the power to rewrite the Affordable Care Act or force sovereign states to authorize gay marriages has increased from 24 percent to 33 percent after last week’s Constitution-defying decisions by the court.

A closer look at the poll results indicates that popular sentiment for state defiance of the federal government extends beyond just the Supreme Court’s latest decisions.

“Only 20% [of likely voters] now consider the federal government a protector of individual liberty,” the Rasmussen Poll finds. “Sixty percent (60 %) see the government as a threat to individual liberty instead,” it adds.

“Take this regulation and shove it,” and “take this grant and shove it,” are two additional battle cries which appear to resonate with a growing popular sentiment, especially in “flyover country,” those 38 states outside the dozen in which President Obama won more than 56.2 percent of the vote in 2012.

(In descending order of support for Obama, those twelve states are: Hawaii, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and Maine. Arguably, three additional states where President Obama won between 54 percent and 56.2 percent of the vote in 2012 could be added to this list: Washington, Oregon, and Michigan.)


Time for the States to Declare Independence From the Federal Government – Breitbart


Texas vs SCOTUS

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued this statement in regards to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage and the abandonment of religious liberties:

The Supreme Court has abandoned its role as an impartial judicial arbiter and has become an un-elected nine-member legislature. Five Justices on the Supreme Court have imposed on the entire country their personal views on an issue that the Constitution and the Court’s previous decisions reserve to the people of the States.

“Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, Texans’ fundamental right to religious liberty remains protected. No Texan is required by the Supreme Court’s decision to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs regarding marriage.

“The Texas Constitution guarantees that ‘[n]o human authority ought, in any case whatsoever, to control or interfere with the rights of conscience in matters of religion.’ The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion; and the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, combined with the newly enacted Pastor Protection Act, provide robust legal protections to Texans whose faith commands them to adhere to the traditional understanding of marriage.

“As I have done in the past, I will continue to defend the religious liberties of all Texans – including those whose conscience dictates that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman. Later today, I will be issuing a directive to state agencies instructing them to prioritize the protection of Texans’ religious liberties.”

America the Great?

Matt Walsh

The blog I’m going to post here was written with such wisdom and insight that I would not want to alter it in any way. It was written by Matt Walsh, a blogger, writer, speaker, and professional truth sayer. This was posted on in reply to a letter looking for positive vibes about America.

I’m sorry but I can’t give you exactly what you want, unless you want something better and truer than the sort of fraudulent “hopefulness” and “optimism” most people seek these days. They want the brand of cheap, commodified hope you get from a 30-second video where a guy finds his lost dog or whatever and at the end tries to sell you beer. They want the inspiration of a viral marketing video. They want it like funnel cake: sweet, empty and quickly digested.

I could give you that, but I won’t. I could write patronizing, pandering nonsense telling you everything is fine, this country is awesome, and the future will be bright and filled with lollipops and puppy dog farts. But what good would it do, besides win me some PR points? If you want hope, it needs to be planted firmly in truth, or else it’s like administering morphine while you die of kidney failure. It’ll make you feel better for a time, but it won’t save you.

Here’s the truth: I am not happy with this country, and you shouldn’t be, either. I am disappointed in it. It disgraces itself. It turns from God. It kills its young. It attacks the family. Am I supposed to pretend otherwise just for the sake of being festive? While Michelle Obama felt pride in her nation for the first time recently, I am more and more developing a deep anger at it, and I think it’s time I admit that out loud. I’m a patriot, but to borrow from Chesterton, a patriot who is uncritical of his country while it teeters on the edge of total destruction is like a son who doesn’t warn his mother that she’s about to fall off a cliff. In this case, however, we already fell off the cliff. We are shattered on the rocks below, and I’m truly not certain if we can be repaired.

You want me to get into the holiday spirit and remind everyone that America is still great, but I don’t know, Mike, does a great country murder a million babies every year?

  • Does a great country ignore its own laws and tear its Constitution to pieces?
  • Does a great country become among the first in human civilization to dismantle the institution of marriage in favor of legitimizing sexual perversion?
  • Is a great country so confused that it can’t tell the difference between male and female?
  • Does the nuclear family collapse in a great country?
  • Does a great country have historically high rates of divorce, unwed pregnancy and fatherless homes?
  • Do little girls get IUDs implanted in them by school officials without parental consent in a great country?
  • Do citizens burn down their own cities in a great country?
  • Is moral relativism the cultural driving force in a great country?
  • Are churches empty in a great country?
  • Do one in every five citizens favor forcing priests to perform gay weddings in a great country?
  • Is pornography a billion-dollar industry in a great country?
  • Are there 110 million cases of STDs in a great country?
  • Are college students unable to name the vice president but able to chug a fifth of vodka in a great country?
  • Is higher education overrun by feminists and nihilists in a great country?
  • Is apathy endemic in a great country?
  • Does the average person watch five hours of TV a day in a great country?
  • Are people threatened, fired, attacked, belittled and ripped to shreds for having differing opinions in a great country?
  • Do young adults ransack stores just for fun in a great country?
  • Do schools teach kids how to masturbate but forget to teach them how to read in a great country ?
  • Is “50 Shades of Grey” a best-seller in a great country?
  • Does Christianity decline in a great country?
  • Are soldiers forced to sit in classrooms and listen to lectures about “white privilege” in a great country?
  • Has the gay agenda so infiltrated even the military that now officers are chased out of their jobs for telling lesbians to stop french-kissing while in uniform in a great country?
  • Does the government hand out birth control to children in a great country?
  • Do illegal immigrants stream over the border at will in a great country?
  • Are 151 million people on the government dole in a great country?
  • Do a majority of Americans vote for Barack Obama twice in a great country?
  • Does a great country laugh at morality, reject reality and worship cross-dressers?
  • Do adults in a great country so lack even the most rudimentary knowledge of their own great country that they can’t even explain why their great country celebrates the Fourth of July?

Is this what happens in a great country?

If so, what’s so great about being great? Where is the optimism in that miserable greatness? Where is the hope for the future if moral bankruptcy, selfishness, confusion, stupidity, deviancy and failure are “great”?

This is why I’m surprised liberals are still out burning American flags. What are they upset about? This country has been reshaped in their image. They won the culture, the government, academia, the media, even the churches. This is their America. They own it. Yet they aren’t satisfied because liberalism, like its father Satan, is intent only on destruction and consumption. It will never be satiated.

You might say most of the examples I provided have to do with America’s people, not America herself. But the distinction is irrelevant because a democracy is only as great as its people. Meanwhile, our government is corrupt and feckless, and our political leaders are cowardly and self-serving. Yes, the Constitution is great, but it’s still just a set of laws. If laws are ignored, they might as well not exist. The Bill of Rights can’t make us great if we don’t follow it, just like your running shoes can’t make you fit if you don’t put them on and go for a jog.

So in what way is America great at the moment? Are we a moral beacon for the world now? Where is the rest of the world supposed to locate that shining light of moral clarity? Is it somewhere buried under the dead children and the perversion and the porn and the divorce and the drugs and the disease and the dependency and the Nanny State socialism? What about leadership in government, or education, or the home? Is American culture great in these respects?

Face it, Mike. Judge America by any measure — moral, political, economic, social, cultural — and none of it points to greatness. Not by a long shot. Not even close. Not anymore. Progressivism dominates all of these spheres, and with its rise our greatness diminishes.

There is so much more to this blog, and I encourage you to go to to finish reading it. You’ll be glad you did.