Some Random Thoughts About People’s Perceptions of One Another

Just heard a “journalist” make this comment and other than liberal bias – why are these two perspectives not treated the same —
1 – She said that when she drives down a rural road and sees a confederate flag in the back of a truck, she stays back and away from them so she won’t be involved in “whatever is going on there”.
2 – Some people comment they cross to the other side of the street or clutch their purse when they see a black man.
I think both are asinine comments and have no place in a civil society. But why is the first acceptable and the second isn’t? Both comments are putting a negative connotation on a person and lumping everyone of a certain group together. And any thinking person knows that all men or all women or all black men or all black women and on and on – are NOT the same. We are all individuals and while there may be some similarities, but many differences too. So lumping all people of a certain gender or ethnicity is a useless and often hurtful exercise.
Pre-judging or judging people is wrong and it just isn’t up to use to judge another person – we don’t have the ability to judge ANY ONE. I’ve been on the receiving end of far too many people judging me without the details or concern for my thoughts and feelings. I’ve also been on the receiving end of plenty of people claiming to be working through God’s direction. Ummm yeah, funny how that works when they are judging based on lies and not giving me a chance to defend myself. I don’t know about you – that’s not how the God I believe in works. 
We could make a world of difference for the majority of the people in this country and outside our borders – if EVERYONE on ALL the sides of a debate would stop the hate, stop the judging and stop putting labels on other people. Usually labels are placed on people who they don’t understand and are unwilling to try to understand or see their perspective.
You don’t get their perspective or for some reason you may have an issue that person – fine, that’s your issue. Why feel the need to inflict your issues on other people? Let’s start putting forth the effort to see things from another person’s perspective. Imagine how much that can open up our world. Get us out of “our own world” and see life and people in a bigger and broader way. Sure that takes more effort – but there’s nothing wrong with putting some effort into becoming a more understanding and thoughtful person. Just some things to consider…

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