69 Years Later – Don’t Forget

I’ve seen this before – but reminders of atrocities are something I think the country needs. People tend to forget things over the years and the Holocaust is just one thing that we can never forget.

69 Years Later - Holocaust


2 thoughts on “69 Years Later – Don’t Forget

  1. Julie Gerren says:

    Please do not forget the OTHER 5 million people he killed. They deserve some recognition also.

    • This starts the conversation and all groups that were killed should be remembered. There were a number of groups that were killed because of their religious beliefs, some because of their heritage and on and on and on. Seems to me the bottom line is for people to remember what a government can do to its people and other people throughout the world when it has too much power. I would guess that the majority of people in this country have little accurate knowledge of the details of what the Nazi’s did to the world and that’s just one horrible thing from history that is being ignored.

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