Electing a Person Based on Qualifications and Character Not Color or Gender

Had to share this article from Black Sphere – he absolutely nails it. Voting for a person because they have the qualifications AND the character to SERVE the people is a much better approach in my opinion, instead of electing someone because they will be the “first”. That’s a big reason why Barack Obama was elected and the vast majority admitted wanting to be part of making history. They made history… one of the most unqualified people to ever hold the office was elected twice for nothing more than his skin color and because people thought a vote for him would “prove” they aren’t racist…

What if for a change we celebrate how far many people have come and the unlimited opportunities in this country? Maybe its just me, but focusing on the negative has never really helped me to see the positive and there are many positives.

Will the left ever figure out why their approach has crashed and burned so badly….

Democrats in BIG TROUBLE over this

It has to really irk the Left that they allowed this to happen.

The racist Left has done everything it can to demoralize the black Conservative, and it just hasn’t worked, and in the last election, history was made.

Senator Tim Scott became the first black senator elected in a South Carolina election since Reconstruction. Let me explain that another way. South Carolina, the Deep South, home of Bob Jones University, and all those black-folk-hating, women-oppressing Southern white males elected a black Senator.

Doesn’t quite fit the narrative, now does it?

Next, the lovely Mia Love was elected to Congress in the VERY white state of Utah. Let me put that another way. Those black-folk-hating MORMONS elected the first black Congresswoman…ever!

These are “firsts” reserved for Democrats, the party of the KKK.

The beautiful thing about these wins is the Republicans who voted these two wonderful people in didn’t care about the “firsts.” They were elected on their character. There was no hoopla like, “Vote for Tim Scott or Mia Love, so we can make HISTORY!”

So what’s the big deal, right?

The Democrats have cleverly stolen the idea that they are the party of Civil Rights. However, in this election they proved to be the despicable people I have always known them to be. While Republicans were electing qualified blacks, not based on color, Democrats were using scare tactics to get blacks to vote for them.

What’s worse, Michelle Obama commanded black people to “Vote Democrat no matter what!”, then go eat some chicken.

Does it get any worse?!

Did black people come out in droves to support Obama or his agenda, or whatever else was at stake? Keep in mind, if black people didn’t come out to vote Democrat, it would be Jim Crow all over again, according to Charlie Rangel. Blacks would lose the right to vote and cops would be able to hunt black people at will.

Democrats jumped the shark this election. Help my team make them own their racist pandering, so we get more qualified people in office.

Read more at http://theblacksphere.net/2014/11/democrats-in-big-trouble/


One thought on “Electing a Person Based on Qualifications and Character Not Color or Gender

  1. usawoman says:

    I really enjoy the Black Sphere. Common sense, which is so lost in the Democrat party. They are blaming everything but Obama’s agenda on their losses. I think the reality is that they showed what devious, racist, liars they are during this campaign.

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