Millenials – Do They Understand Current Events

I feel old saying this — but I see many millenials and I get really concerned about our country. The current administration worries me enough, but at some point they will be “out of power” and our young people will be running for office and making decisions that impact all our lives.

But once in a while I see something but a young person that really gives me hope. This short piece is one of those things that gave me hope lately. We need more people – of all ages – that “get it”. And far less of the other folks in office.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did –

My heart has been so heavy for our generation lately. And I ended up writing a paper about it for an assignment and I wanted to share it with you guys! Selfie, hashtag, yolo, twerk. These are four of the most pointless and useless words I can’t go a day without hearing. These four meaningless words have consumed our daily lives. God sent us here for a purpose! Do you really think our purpose is to get more than 20 likes on an Instagram picture or have that cute guy DM you on twitter. We care more about getting likes than we care about sharing the love of God. I’m guilty of turning on the tv the second I get home but yet we can turn my head when I see someone being bullied or someone sitting alone or someone hurting. We act like our lives are in this little bubble and we try to use that bubble to block out all the things we don’t want to deal with. We live in a world where we value our material possessions instead of asking the question if what were doing is right instead we ask the question does it make us happy. And sometimes we think if it makes us happy then it must be right but sometimes satan uses things to make us happy to draw us away from doing what God says is right. Think most of our regrets come from doing things that made us happy at that time even though we knew there was something telling us not to do it. We say we want to change the world but instead all we do is change our status. Posting a Bible verse is good it shows the world that you are a Christian but are you living it or are you using it to change your outward appearance. Funny how the boastful are the people Christ couldn’t stand. Think your posting that Bible verse but what is that doing helping the people that find themselves worthless. I’ve met girls that have stopped eating because they want to look like a certain girl or get into a certain group. I’ve met people that have wanted to die because they think their lives have no purpose. They think that the things we see in vogue or Elle are what we need to look like because those girls are seemingly perfect. And then some guys bully other guys because they don’t have a girl that looks like that or there not using a girl like an idol or an object. Our life and generation has become a circle of using each other and then being used. Our generation abuses our gift of free will. It’s time to make your life purpose more than just having the most followers. You have a voice that needs to be heard! You want to be happy instead of focusing on you focus on not being who the world wants you to be. The best person you can be is the person who can find there inner confidence. And once you find that you’ll realize you don’t need more than 5 likes to seem pretty and you won’t feel the need to subtweet to seem cool. Our generation has the potential to break the stereotype of religion that we break down the walls of judgement and we begin to love each other and love God more than we love ourselves. I challenge you to help me change the world. I will not be a follower in a world that needs a leader.


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