A Proposal for the LA School District

I was reading an article about the new Superintendant and read some of the comments. Many were racially biased and obnoxious – but one stood out. This former teacher has some interesting ideas that could work in many areas.

What do you think??

As a one time caring, male teacher that cared about education, here is what I suggest for public schools:

  1. (1.) End the federalization of public education. Feds get no more tax dollars–they can’t manage any system efficiently, e.g. public schools are automatic failures.
    (2.) Divide LAUSD into multiple smaller, separate and independent school districts.
    (3.) All funding by taxpayers is locally derived.
    (4.) All school policies and academic programs are locally promulgated and formulated by local individuals that are stakeholders in that system.
    (5.) Put a restriction/prohibition against all and any bureaucracy.
    (6.) Pay teachers $10,000 more starting salary by pulling out of administrative salaries and top-heavy structure.
    (7.) Allow school teachers to exact real discipline and real standards inside the classroom–what I call the front lines of education.
    (8.) Return to classical education, e.g. the Trivium.
    (9.) Hire a Superintendent that is qualified to lead. Hire a strong male with a background in discipline and a solid educational foundation, strong fundamentals–forget about the Socialist, feel good ideologies.
    (10.) Bring back physical education, arts, music, shop classes, trades, vocational hands-on work.
    (11.) Let each school raise its own funds and maintain infrastructure; eliminate Communist red tape.
    (12.) Teach and practice Natural Rights, which are Constitutionally protected. Make conservative Constitutional knowledge the bedrock of the entire education curriculum.

DO IT. I will fix it and save millions of dollars for you all.

Signing Off, a disgruntled ex-Teacher. Goodbye.



2 thoughts on “A Proposal for the LA School District

  1. usawoman says:

    To me they are all common sense ideas, therefore, they will never be implemented. #9 about hiring a strong male, I question. There are many strong women who can handle the job.

    • Sad but true — the common sense ideas seem to be ignored for the convaluted stupidity. Also agree about it having to be a man – there are certainly qualified women who could handle the job.

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