Obamacare Premiums Not Available Until After the Mid Term Election

What do you think? Is it a coincidence that the Obamacare premiums will not be available for the public until November 15th? Initially, It seems the premiums would be announced October 1 – just like it was last year. But this year – with a critical election in November, the decision was made by someone to hold those premiums until after the election.

This was an exchange during a White House press conference about this – notice that question came from an ABC News reporter….

JOHN KARL, ABC NEWS: The enrollment period for Obamacare is going to be beginning Nov. 15. That’s when people will find out how much of a premium increase they face.

JOSH EARNEST, WH: Or decrease.

KARL: Or decrease. Why is it that last year Oct. 1 was the date, and this year its Nov. 15. Why is it that people have to wait until after the election to find out whether they have a premium increase or decrease?

EARNEST: Again, you are a very keen observer of the political process in this country. You should be particularly when there is such an important election coming up. But so many of the important policy decision made in this administration and this White House are made for reasons other than politics. So I would refer you to the Department of Health and Human Services where the deadlines are established. 

KARL: Can people be forgiven for thinking this looks like a political move. People will not find out how much they are going to have to pay for their health insurance until after the election, whereas last year they found out on Oct. 1. Doesn’t it seem a little bit convenient that people now have to wait ten or eleven days after the election to find out how much their insurance was going to cost? 

This date for the beginning of the enrollment period was something that was established months if not years ago. 

KARL Well we knew exactly when this election was going to be all that time. 

EARNEST: And it has clearly been circled on your calendar. That is not circled on the calendar of the experts at the Department of Health and Human Services who are working on this.


3 thoughts on “Obamacare Premiums Not Available Until After the Mid Term Election

  1. usawoman says:

    These press secretaries are such lying, smart a**’s. Of course this is a political ploy. One that has been played over and over again by this administration.

    • Agreed — irritating that the majority keep falling for it.

      It amazes me that a person or group of people – speaking of members of the administration — are willing to give up all personal credibility and responsibility to push and support the agenda. Where is a personal sense of pride and accountability for their actions?? I realize its less prevalent for many in politics — but good grief….

    • Agreed – the blatant lies are bad enough, but there is such arrogance.

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