The Nanny State Takes on Playground Swings

Swingsets under fire because they are a liability

No – its not a joke, there are some localities that are planning to ban swingsets.

I have many issues with the nanny state which seems to be growing out of control in the US. One is that all accountability is taken away from people. Its like – “we’re going to protect you – no matter what you do”. While I am compassionate and want to help people who are truly in need – but I have issues with people doing things purposely to hurt themselves or refusing to put forth the effort to learn marketable skills – and then expecting the government to support them. And to support them far beyond the standard of living that many hard working Americans are able to live, but that’s a topic for another post…

Another issue with the “nanny state” and let’s consider what liberties the government is given when the government is behind health care. This would be especially true if it was a single payer system, but Obamacare gives the government and the nanny state many additional controls over our daily lives.

Consider the things that people – make a choice to do – that creates health issues or dangerous situations, now consider that from  the nanny state perspective… If you drink huge sodas, you will gain weight, likely create additional health issues and in turn that will increase your health care costs – either now or in the future. Suppose you are one of the millions of people who decide to smoke cigarettes. Any rational person knows that smoking cigarettes causes a plethora of health issues and especially over time. What if you are a daredevil thrill seeker? In order to get that thrill – you likely put yourself into dangerous situations – maybe climbing the side of a mountain, maybe bungie jumping, maybe racing cars or motorcycles at high speed,

These are only a few examples – but each of these are things that people chose to do that can impact their health care costs. So if the government is monitoring our health care, if there does come a time when they are honest with us that health care is being rationed (especially expensive procedures and treatments), then the government decides they have the right to control our lives. This could be by limiting the size soft drink we can buy (NY), limit the size of potato chip bags, put a limitation on how and where cigarettes can be purchased, or by placing limitations on auto manufacturers so the vehicles they build have limitations on how safe they will go (without unauthorized modifications) and on and on.

While some of these ideas may sound crazy – you need to consider how it starts. I think most of us remember the threatened ban on extra large soft drinks in NY and many people laughed about this. But these things start somewhere and once the bureacracy gets their way, they keep pushing. if you don’t believe that, look at the things that were done by the Obama administration in 2009 and 2010 that we thought were insane, now consider – Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the AP being spied on, the VA scandal, the disintegration of the Secret Service from the top down, and the list goes on and on. We are being desensitized a little at a time – each time they get away with lies – we become a little more desensitized.

Remember – “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.” Yeah, right…. Come on, thinking people looked at these statements and we KNEW it was impossible. I managed a doctor’s office for 2 years and I handled our insurance filings – and there was NO doubt in my mind that what Obama said was impossible. It simply will not work.

Okay – so back to swing sets. Evidently most injuries on a playground happen because of swing sets. So the “solution” is to get rid of swing sets.

I know this will sound crazy, but bear with me for a minute. Here are a couple of options-

What if teachers or parents worked with kids to teach them how to be safer on swing sets?

What if when a child is hurt on a slide – take a few minutes to teach children why this happened and how to aovid it?

What if we stop just pushing electronic toys in their hands – instead takes time to communicate with children and adults and teach them how to interact with other people AND how to be aware of their surroundings?

When I was younger – it was a given that you looked at the swing, and you walked far enough away so you weren’t hit by the person moving on the swing. It didn’t seem like an inconvenience and it didn’t seem unreasonable. It was part of being safe.  I also remember being on a swing and watching to see if a person was walking too close in front of me and… this is crazy, but it worked…. I would bend my legs so I didn’t hit them in the head with my feet.

Can you imagine the number of problems that people could avoid if they just learned to LOOK UP and LOOK AROUND at their surroundings, BE AWARE, be aware of the people around you and BE PROACTIVE. It is very possible for many people to be on a playground at the same time, to play, and to avoid getting hurt. But that means they need to watch what’s happening, be aware and alert, and it really helps if you can get rid of the entitlement attitudes.

I have this crazy notion that the rights guaranteed to me in the US Constitution, do NOT give me the right to hurt or limit another person’s right. In turn they don’t have the right to hurt me or limit my rights. In my mind – that’s called having mutual respect and being courteous.

Dare I say – its the golden rule. “Do unto others as you want them to do to you.” Hmmm, I don’t see anything there about being “entltled” to hurt other people just because I’m too lazy to bend my knees to avoid kicking someone in the head on the playground…

This is a small piece about the proposed swingset ban – imagine if the government wanted to outlaw stilleto heels because of the potential for injury. I wonder how fired up people would get about that? Don’t laugh, you never know what may be on the chopping block tomorrow…

ObamaCare deems FUN a liability

You’d think in the time of ObamaCare, that protecting us from ourselves would be as outdated as platform shoes. But ObamaCare must now go into protection mode for itself.

Further, as we all know; the Left will not rest until everyone in America dies of natural causes.

Long ago playgrounds went from concrete jungle gyms to the rubberized floors. They replaced the metal equipment with the more durable plastic, even though that didn’t prevent your children from getting third-degree burns going down the slide in the summer.

But now swings are under fire.

One Washington school district says it plans to remove swing from Richland schools, because their insurance premiums are too high. Swings are a liability. Put another way, FUN is a liability.

According to the school district, swings are to blame for the most injuries of any play equipment.  So, the district has already removed them from some campuses and will phase them out of the rest.

Keep in mind that today it’s swings, but America will see this creep go from the playground to all other aspects of life. Nobody will admit that this is because of ObamaCare, but it is. ObamaCare must now protect itself, in order for the profits from this nonsense to get into the pockets of bureaucrats.

Soon walking will be outlawed, particularly in black neighborhoods. You think there is profiling with cops, wait until the insurance actuaries are finished with the gen-pop. They will deem anything that happens to you, YOUR FAULT, and therefore not covered under ObamaCare.


3 thoughts on “The Nanny State Takes on Playground Swings

  1. usawoman says:

    Great post! Crazy things going on right now that some people just don’t care about. The supposedly open-minded left never looks outside of their narrow view of a utopian society where no one has to think because the government takes care of everything.

    • That’s one of the things about the left that floors me — they want to be free to do what they want, how they want, with who they want and on and on. But they support the government managing and limiting so many aspects of their lives. Looks like a tricky position to put yourself in — give the government all that power and then have the other party in charge, using that limiting power and they would be very unhappy with the outcome. Kind of like Harry Reid and his move with the “nuclear option” in the Senate – that could come back to bite the left really soon.

  2. Jim says:

    Liberalism is a failed experiment, liberals are morally and ethically challenged people, liberalism is an evolutionary dead end.

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