Presidential Ideology and Polls Must Not Drive Foreign Policy

Am I the only person that is tired of seeing Barack Obama say “I was elected to end the war in Iraq”?

That’s all fine and good – but in 2007 – we didn’t know that ISIS or ISIL would come develop and move on to terrorize the world. No matter why a person feels they were elected or the plans they had for their presidency, world events must be factored into any major decision. That includes foreign policy decisions.

As I catch up on the daily events of the questioning at a Congressional hearing where top administration officials were asked about the president’s “strategy” (and that is using the word very loosely) – I can’t help but think Obama has no concept of how to develop a real strategy to combat a foe.

Well wait – he seems very dedicated to bashing anyone that doesn’t agree with his ideologies. He seems very dedicated to defending Islam – like the statement in his speech last week that “ISIS is not Islamic.” He makes excuses for radical Islam but makes apologies for the United States. But that’s a topic for another post….

Obama makes his statement that he was elected to end the war and frequently bashes George Bush and claims all his problems are “Bush’s fault.”

This comment from The Journal  Editorial Report seems to confirm one of my thoughts that Obama is letting his dislike for Bush and his actions, dictate his decisions. That’s another very stupid and juvenile to handy foreign policy.

Interesting comment from the Journal Editorial Report – “For the last five years, we’ve hit al Qaeda in Yemen with drones. Obama had no problems in Pakistan going after al Qaeda there. He himself has an issue with Iraq, and it’s really all about him. It’s a very solipsistic presidency in that sense. He didn’t want to go into Syria or Iraq because he didn’t want to do what George Bush did. As he said in his speech: “I was elected to end the war in Iraq.” It’s a very juvenile behavior as commander in chief.

(See the full transcript here –

Obama’s claims also seem to indicate that George Bush planned to be a wartime president. But let’s look back at Bush’s goals and plans for his first term. Let’s also remember where he was on the morning of September 11, 2001 – when he got the news about the World Trade Center and the attack,…  that’s right, he was at a school focusing on his education goals for his presidency.


File photo of George Bush being notified of September 11th attacks

World events and events in the United States dictated that George Bush would be a war time president and that he would have to make many very tough decisions over the next 7 years. At that moment, he had the choice to cower and blame others OR he could step up and find his way through this new danger that had been forced on him. Thankfully he stepped up and understood the safety of the people he served as their president, was a higher priority than his ideology. Can Barack Obama do the same thing?


I thougth this information might be an interesting refresher on what Governor Bush planned to do when he was campaigning to be president –

As a reminder – here is a list of the things George Bush hoped to focus on during his presidency. This is from a campaign brochure. You can see the full brochure here –

I’m running for President because I want to help usher in the responsibility era, where people understand they are responsible for the choice they make and are held accountable for their actions.

As President, I’ll make our schools accountable for results. I’ll encourage our schools to take more responsibility for teaching character to our children so they understand right and wrong and that actions have consequences. I’ll give local school districts more flexibility to spend money where it is needed to improve our children’s education. I’ll strengthen Social Security, guaranteeing government is responsible for the promises it has made America’s seniors and allowing younger American’s to voluntarily invest some of their Social Security taxes in Personal Accounts. I’ll reform Health Care so every family has access to affordable health insurance, and seniors have a choice of plans, including prescription drug coverage. I’ll rebuild our military, giving it the resources it needs to meet its responsibility to keep the peace. I’ll promote a responsible economic agenda to continue our prosperity. I’ll provide tax relief for all Americans, especially those struggling to make it into the middle class.

I will use the Presidency to promote a greater sense of responsibility across this great country. By encouraging communities to be responsible for their citizens and asking individuals to be responsible for their actions, we will renew our country’s spirit. If elected, when I put my hand on the bible, I will swear to not only uphold the law of the land, but also the integrity of the office to which I have been elected.

Signed George W. Bush

Vision to Improve Education.

Governor Bush will fight for fundamental reforms so no child is left behind.

His plan will restore local control, set high standards, give schools flexibility to meet them, measure progress, and insist on results.

Bush will reward successful schools and demand failing schools improve. He will withdraw federal funds from schools that fail to improve after three years and give the money to parents to use to better their children’s education.

Families should be able to have tax-free education savings accounts for tuition or education expenses from kindergarten through college.

Bush will spend $5 billion for early intervention to help every child read by third grade.

He will expand character education in schools to help teach our children there are right and wrong choices in life.

He will make it easier to remove disruptive students, stop junk lawsuits against teachers and strengthen classroom safety.

Clinton/Gore had eight years, but failed. National reading scores stagnated. American students place almost last in international high school math rankings. The achievement gap between poor and non-poor students remains wide.

George W. Bush will provide the leadership to change and improve public education in America.

Quality Heath Care for Every Family.

George W. Bush’s goal is for every American to have access to quality health care. His proposal for tax credits will help working families buy affordable insurance. Bush will increase the number of community health centers to increase access to health services.

Cut Taxes and Make The System Fairer.

The Bush economic plan saves over half the surplus to strengthen Social Security and reduce the national debt, and saves over 10% of the surplus for important priorities like education, national defense and health.

Strengthen Social Security.

Governor Bush believes America has a moral responsibility to save and strengthen Social Security.

A Dangerous World Requires A Strong Military.

George W. Bush believes America’s military is challenged by aging weapons and failed intelligence. He will strengthen our military and rebuild America’s stature in the world.

He will increase military pay $1 billion to raise morale and get military families off food stamps. He will improve military housing and allowances.

He’ll end shortfalls in training, spare parts, and equipment and modernize weapons and equipment.

Bush will defend Americans and our allies against missiles and blackmail by deploying an anti-ballistic missile defense.

He will rebuild our intelligence services.

As President Bush will order an immediate review of overseas deployments: no U.S. troops should be in harm’s way unless America’s interests are at stake, no U.S. troops will ever serve under UN command.

Help Charities And Faith-Based Groups Serve Those In Need.

George W. Bush knows changing a heart can change a life.

So he’ll reform laws and remove regulations that discourage and hamper charities and faith-based groups from delivering social services.

Bush will dedicate $8 billion for new tax incentives to encourage charitable giving.

The Bush Plan Cuts Taxes For Every Taxpayer

Single parent making $22,000 with 1 child: 100% reduction ($1,000)

Single parent making $32,000 with 2 children: 93% reduction ($1,500)

Bush Outlined A Bold Tax Cut Plan

Lowers All Tax Rates for All Taxpayers

Doubles Child Credit to $1,000

Saves Social Security Money only for Social Security

Ends the Social Security Earnings Test

Slashes the Marriage Penalty


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