Urban Health Initiative – Was it Meant to Help the Poor or the Hospital?

Years before Michelle Obama and Valerie Jared took their current positions in the White House – they were deeply involved in the Urban Health Initiative. I hadn’t heard about this. But its interesting information and makes you wonder – were there strategic reasons why Michelle Obama – a former VP at Chicago University Hospital – wasn’t really in the public eye during the many months of coverage about Obama Care. This story could certainly be a reason to keep her out of the public eye while trying to shove the so called “Affordable Care Act” down the throat of the American public.

Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret in a so-called Patient Dumping Plan??

I do not have additional information at this moment about this situation – but it is an interesting story to dig into deeper….


2 thoughts on “Urban Health Initiative – Was it Meant to Help the Poor or the Hospital?

  1. usawoman says:

    I didn’t know about this. I watched the video and, in my opinion, The Urban Health Initiative is obviously dumping poor patients so the hospital can treat patients with money and/or insurance. I’d like to see this come out in the MSM, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • That was the impression I got – kind of like the Affordable Care Act – people hear the name that sounds good but don’t pay any attention to the details. Far too many things are being ignored by the MSM — although there are small glimmers of hope from time to time……

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