Failure: Obama’s Utopian World View

I’ve long been of the opinion that Barack Obama, along with most progressives, has an ideology that sees this grand worldwide utopia. Never mind that history has shown us quite the opposite to be true.

In order to get to this utopia, first the government has to take away freedoms in order to control the masses. The 2nd Amendment–throw it out. The little people aren’t responsible enough and have no right to own guns! Make our own medical decision in tandem with our personal doctors? No, put the government in charge of that. Freedom of speech? No–political correctness has run amok, stifling every utterance.

Under Obama’s leadership our country is farther apart than I have ever seen it, so if he cannot govern the USA, how does he think the world is going to magically become a utopia? It baffles the mind.

Here is an excellent article by Erick Erickson of RedState.

Many people suggest President Obama has checked out. He treats the ever growing threat of ISIS as an abstraction. Sources from within the administration are now more openly admitting that for almost a year intelligence and Pentagon officials have advised the President of the threat. He has chosen to do very little. Last Wednesday, he said we would “shrink” ISIS and make it “a manageable problem” as opposed to eliminate it.

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a sitting governor and a dear friend of mine. The friend leaned over to the governor and me and said Barack Obama is to America as Clarence the Angel was to George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Barack Obama is showing the world what it would look like had America never been born. As this friend later wrote, “Unsurprisingly, Bedford Falls is now Pottersville, and it’s a terrible place. Unfortunately we do not get to revert to the tolerable if modest status quo at the end of the lesson: George Bailey will eventually have to shell the town and retake it street by street from Old Man Potter’s Spetsnaz.”

 Consider how far the world has collapsed in the past year. Again, my friend noted, since Labor Day weekend last year the Chinese expanded their air defense identification zone to incorporate the territory of other nations, the Russians annexed Crimea, ISIS rose, the Russians invaded Ukraine, Mosul fell, the Hungarian liberal democracy collapsed into Russian aligned authoritarianism, a Central American refugee crisis spawned a border and humanitarian crisis in the United States, the Egyptians and Emiratis attacked Libya without telling the United States, Iraqi Christians and the Yazidi are suffering genocide at the hands of ISIS, NATO is scrambling to shore up its eastern-frontier defenses, mainstream anti-Semitism is re-emerging, the Americans are on the verge of yet another war in Iraq, middle America is seeing race riots, etc., etc.

Seventy-five years ago this past Monday, German tanks rolled across the Polish border setting off World War II. Sixty-nine years ago this past Tuesday, World War II ended as the Japanese formally surrendered. In the nearly seven decades since, the West has established a world wide peace. Though not flawless, we have lived a relatively stable and secure existence. In just the past year, Barack Obama has largely undone seven decades of gains toward peace.


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About usawoman

I am a published author with a healthy interest in the direction of our country. I love the USA, and believe in upholding the constitution. I am for term limits; I'm anti big government; and, most definitely, pro-life.

2 thoughts on “Failure: Obama’s Utopian World View

  1. Great article – thank you for sharing and powerful ending. Fortunately for Obama – the majority of the people don’t seem even vaguely interested in history. The rest of us understand the gravity of “if you don’t study history, you are destined to repeat it”….

    Ignoring history has always seemed to go with an entitlement attitude — a women I was friends with for a short time told me that anything that happened before she was born was unimportant because she wasn’t alive and wasn’t involved. I’m seldom speechless, but that was so totally self absorbed – I was at a lose for words….

  2. usawoman says:

    I’ve always enjoyed history, but you are right, too many people, especially the young, just don’t care about much except their own personal interests. When my kids were growing up, I always tried to include a little history in our conversations. Also, had a set of encyclopedias (no Google back then) and whenever a question came up, we researched it right then. Ignorance is a sad state to be in, but some embrace it with laughter.

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