Warning to Border Patrol re Communicable Diseases

FirefoxScreenSnapz002I saw this DML Daily article today and wanted to share the information. I have not been able to confirm that the memo is real, but it certainly seems like logical steps to take.


A MEMO TO THE BORDER PATROL from their union indicates the concern for widespread disease is serious.

Due to the pending arrival of UAC’s (unaccompanied children) from RGV, The National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 is suggesting the following protocols for the safety of our agents as well as the detainees.


1. All Agents should bring a second set of clothes (Including socks and shoes) to the station. Change clothes prior to going home so that you can minimize the chances of infecting any of your family or friends.

a. We will be looking into getting coveralls or some other form of outer clothing for agents.
b. We will also be looking for a way to launder your clothing so that you don’t have to take it home.
c. Place clothing in a plastic trash bag and take directly from the bag to the washing machine.
d. If possible we recommend showering at the station after each shift before going home.

2. All agents should get tested for TB in order to ensure you have a baseline.
a. We will be working with the agency to get occupational health out to provide testing.
b. In the meantime go to your personal health care provider and get TB test done.

3. Agents should refrain from touching their nose, mouth or eyes when processing.

4. All bedding and clothing should be handled with protective equipment (gloves) and placed in specifically designed containers (i.e. plastic bag) and laundered ASAP.

5. Gloves should be worn at all times and changed frequently. Hand sanitizer should be used between changing gloves.

6. Educational material will be distributed in order to assist agents with the identification of communicable diseases.

7. Cells should be disinfected regularly.

8. All detainees who are suspected or report having communicable disease will be documented and reported to a supervisor as soon as possible.

9. All detainees should be given vaccinations before being released into the communities.

10. If there are any supplies you believe you need and the service has not provided contact the local union health and safety officer and we will look into purchasing those items directly.

11. If you have any concerns please contact your local health and safety officer and we will address the issue and get back to you ASAP.
Read more at http://www.dmldaily.com/borderalerts/#3zKdbPc5zI06qwIa.99


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I am a published author with a healthy interest in the direction of our country. I love the USA, and believe in upholding the constitution. I am for term limits; I'm anti big government; and, most definitely, pro-life.

3 thoughts on “Warning to Border Patrol re Communicable Diseases

  1. It does seem logical and I’m glad to see someone is looking out for our border patrol agents. This is a link in my earlier article about how these issues are apparently being handled on the ground — http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/07/04/nurses-secret-makeshift-camp-threatened-supervisors-brown-shirts-forced-cover-risk-american-pandemic/

  2. usawoman says:

    Thanks for the link. She tells it pretty straight forward. This has the potential, or the likelihood, of becoming catastrophic for American families.

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