Vietnam Vet Makes Request – Barack Obama Please Stay Home

I just read this open letter by a vet to President Obama — I think you will agree with many of the things he said

Barack Obama, Please Stay Home! – An Open Letter to America’s Greatest Enemy to Stay off the World Stage

Your Memorial Day visit to our troops in Afghanistan was the ultimate disgrace; the most embarrassing that you have ever perpetrated upon our nation thus far; one that I personally found grossly offensive and outrageous. You and your purely academic co-conspirators, who have never held a job or served their country, handcuff our brave men and women and send them into harm’s way and you have the audacity to stand in front of those brave patriots and spew such platitudes? It’s gut-wrenchingly disgusting.

The Veterans Administration scandal – and YES, it is a ‘real‘ scandal – has been a topic of discussion far beyond our borders; I have heard from friends in Europe and the Middle East and they basically shake their heads in disbelief that even a talking head such as yourself would have the audacity to make such a speech in those surroundings. 

You initially ran for office with heartwarming verbal commitments to provide care for our service men and women and our veterans. As a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, I can assure you that you have failed in those promises and failed miserably. It took me nine (9) months to get an appointment for a biopsy and then only with the personal intervention of the Director for Veterans Affairs in the State of Nevada. 

The U.S. Government has a long history of using those who serve as “guinea pigs” and we now see that your regime has chosen those of us who have served as a testing ground for your “death panels” being implemented under your signature legislation that you are so proud of – Obamacare.

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2 thoughts on “Vietnam Vet Makes Request – Barack Obama Please Stay Home

  1. usawoman says:

    A great letter. It still baffles me how some people can continue to grovel at Obama’s feet. My only excuse for them is that they obviously put ideology before country.

    I agree. Obama get off of the stage and be quiet.

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