The Threat To Our Democracy

I heard something the other day that made me think about where we are as a country today and what Americans believe is in their best interest and the best interest of the country for the future. Unfortunately what I heard is true and disturbing to me. Years ago when I was young I came to understand that socialism and communism represented a threat to our way of live in this country. A threat to the very thing that sets us apart from the rest of the world. A threat to the very reason why America was the bright spot on the globe.  I learned that socialism is bad because socialism is a threat to our democracy, to my freedom.  The very freedom people came to this country to enjoy and live their lives free of a government telling them how to live their lives. The examples around the world confirmed that socialism just doesn’t work. Those examples exist today. Oh, but there were those who will willing to ignore the facts back then. But not that many. Today is a different story. What we are faced with today is the sad fact that young people are being taught that socialism is good. Socialism is being portrayed as a better way of life. Unfortunately young people seem to buy into this and as a result accept it when the freedom responsible for this countries success is being taken away.  We have a President who believes big government controlling more and more of our lives is the way to go and to him socialism represent the solution to every problem we face. More regulations, more mandates from Washington,  more restrictions on the free market solutions, capitalism and capital formation appears to be his goal. To buy into this is dangerous to our democracy, to our freedom and liberty as Americans. More and more people are willing to believe and accept less freedom as somehow being better for them and this country. The lure of “free stuff” and equality for all is a powerful message coming from liberal democrats. The cost of freedom may be high, but the alternative, which the end game can lead to communism is not the solution to the cost of freedom. Freedom is worth the fight. Lets hope enough young people come to that conclusion.  


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