imagesToday, I initiated a post on FB, indicating my fright that President Obama intends to remain in office despite the two term-rule.  From the number of comments received, I dare say I’m not the only one who suspects this power-hungry man has something in mind.  His threat of having a “pen and a phone,” struck a scary cord with me as I took his threat to indicate that he needs no permission from anyone to do whatever he darn well pleases…and his appointment of a dozen or more czars to head offices or bureaus that clearly were already staffed was like a slap in the face…especially when the jobless rate was at an all time high and the government continued to print money like there might be no tomorrow.  What’s changed?  Nothing, really.  The government has involved themselves in our daiy lives in more ways than we’ve ever had to handle.  From the possibility of drones circling our houses, being targeted as racists if you don’t approve of the President’s performance, being listed by the IRS because of your affiliation with the Tea Party simply because the organization gives people a chance to speak their minds, and now the possibility of being forced to wear a bracelet in order to shoot a gun.  Really?  The President’s cabinet is filled with people that should be charged with crimes against the country, lackies who follow the democratic label out of blind faith and no knowledge, and although we all complain about no term limits for Congress, we fail to take steps to remedy the problem. Have we just resolved ourselves to accept whatever comes our way?

Now we are faced with another worry.  If you don’t believe me…just google Martial Law and elections and you’ll find lots of articles about the topic.  Check out this one, if you don’t believe me:  Although the entire post is interesting, I’d like to print the last paragraph here and hope I never have to say, “I told you so.”  By current law, we are forced to endure having Obama as POTUS until the next election, but this country cannot stand one minute more of his inept leadership.

The Three Stages of Martial Law Roll-Out

Under martial law, Obama can effectively eliminate all opposition to his administration. Under martial law, Obama can eliminate all media opposition to his presidency. Additionally, under martial law, Obama can remain in power, perhaps indefinitely. The pattern for the implementation of martial law follows three very distinct stages.

Stage one of martial law consists of the gradual roll-out of government controls over citizen liberties. Travel is restricted through inland border checkpoints. The internal DHS VIPR programs which randomly search citizens at public events and on the highways  are now in place. Citizens are conditioned by the TSA that they do not control or own their bodies as the flying public is molested by the TSA everyday in our nation’s airports in an extreme violation of our citizens Fourth Amendment rights. Stage one also begins to create an enemies list and we have already seen this in the MIAC report in which Christians, Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, Libertarians and Constitutionalists have been branded as domestic terrorists. The enemies list has been created and will be acted upon at a future date. In Stage one, the government elevates itself above any pretense of constitutional liberties. America has been firmly under Stage one martial law governance since the events of 9/11.

In Stage two, martial law implementation becomes obvious to all citizens except for the ones who invoke cognitive dissonance as a psychological coping mechanism. Stage two is marked by restrictions on travel, the loss of free speech and the right to assemble to air grievances against the government.

Are you scared yet?

****  In closing, I would like to further add my condolences to those who again lost loved ones at Fort Hood.

I was insulted for the families today who again  gathered  to mourn the death of innocent soldiers on their home soil.  The camera flashed on some faces staring blankly and looking bored as Obama read through pages of a speech clearly prepared by someone else.  How could he possibly know what it’s like to be military….although Commander-in-Chief, by default, he has no idea of even what happens during basic training.  His empty words probably did nothing to ease the pain of losing loved ones as he put the burden on the nation to help prevent another such disaster.  I wonder if those grieving were enraged at his reference to the first shooting as they mentally questioned why the Muslim Psych doc wasn’t being tried  as a terrorist, but instead given the courtesy of a trial of his peers as if he has any in this country that are legit.  I believe in prayer, but I’m pretty sure even God can’t prevent what lays in store for us.  Perhaps this is the beginning of the end as foretold in the Bible.



About mizging

I'm a multi-published author, mother of two grown sons and companion and caretaker to a ten-year-old special needs grandson, Spencer. Besides him, writing is my passion and every release has been a special reason to celebrate, but first and foremost, I'm an American, concerned with the direction our country is taking. My opinions are my own and I'm not asking for agreement, simply that people consider the facts presented by me and my web mates.

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  1. usawoman says:

    Great post! I agree 100%. The idea of martial law frightens me, and I just don’t understand how so many people are blind to the danger this president poses for our freedoms.

    My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones at Ft. Hood. I cannot imagine having to listen to Obama drone on about something he knows nothing about. He is an insult to them, and to all of us!

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