Food Stamps and Welfare

I saw a very negative post today on Facebook about those of us, who are just plain tired of the abuses that go on in the food stamp/welfare entitlement system.  Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this FB friend just seems to have that liberal superior attitude that I find most annoying. You know the attitude I’m talking about. The one where they are always right and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is always wrong.

There’s a lot of truth in what this person said about the greedy wealthy, but to use Papa John’s Pizza as an example of business owners in order to push for raising the minimum wage is really not fair. All business owners are not wealthy. In fact, I would venture to say that most are not since it’s only about the top 1% that meet that status.

Most small business owners are hanging on by the same thread that a lot of their workers are in this economy. Having owned a business, I can tell you that the overhead, the percentage of SS you pay for each employee, the Workers Comp you are required to have, the insurance you are required to provide, paid vacations, sick pay, the regulations, the taxes, and the list goes on and on, takes it’s toll. You don’t mind doing for your employees, but you, also, need to have something left to take home and provide for your own family. This fact seems to get overlooked by people who want to demean business owners.

Everyone should know that there is tremendous fraud in the food stamp/welfare entitlement system. Besides, a lot of people complaining about the system are the ones who really need help, but make a couple of dollars over the limit, so they are left to try and figure out how to feed their kids while others are fraudulently taking taxpayers money and living better than they are. The government does nothing to try to fix the fraud. When you have multiple generations of one family on the system, there is a problem. To deny that fact is just ridiculous. To continue to add to the roles without trying to fix the problem is, also, ridiculous. It’s like offering amnesty prior to fixing the border.

You have to look at all sides to understand why people have different opinions about issues. And, I don’t consider poor people lazy, as was said (not of me personally) in this post, and I don’t know anyone personally who does think that. One thing is for sure. There will always be rich and poor. The only thing that will change is the middle class getting poorer while the rich get richer.

It’s fine to have a “cause,” and let’s face it, there are way too many causes these days that take precedent over the good of the country. But, how long do people think our country can go on the way it is?

Sorry, but that’s my rant for this evening!


About usawoman

I am a published author with a healthy interest in the direction of our country. I love the USA, and believe in upholding the constitution. I am for term limits; I'm anti big government; and, most definitely, pro-life.

3 thoughts on “Food Stamps and Welfare

  1. mizging says:

    I was more enraged by the article showing Eric Holder wanting to provide cell phones to convicts released from prison. WTF????

  2. mizging says:

    I didn’t finish my thought before I hit enter. What is super maddening is the ads that are encouraging people to apply for welfare, the ploys that keep them there and encourage our society to count on the government rather than themselves. People are actually working the streets to sign people up, and that’s sad. Where is the money coming from? Taxes paid by the working class…you and me, not to mention how they government has depleted Social Security funds without even asking permission from the people and employers who paid in over a working lifetime. Actually, this administration sucks! And…welfare does have a time and place, but something needs to be done to reform it. We can’t keep shelling out money to those who see welfare as a hand out and not a hand up.

  3. usawoman says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I just don’t understand some liberals who refuse to understand the obvious. Under this administration we are headed toward putting all of our liberties in the hands of big government. They call us sheeple, but they are the ones following blindly over the cliff. It’s so infuriating, and then to be talked down to by some of these superior idiots. grrrr!

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