Borrowing His Dad’s Car to go to School Ended Up in Felony Charges

At what point are people going to get back to using common sense?? This situation is a prime example of stupidity or people who don’t seem to have the ability, willingness or motivation to use their brain in an unusual situation… Let me know what you think about this problem….

A teen borrowed his father’s car to go to school and was stopped in a lock down – he agreed to have the car searched since HE didn’t have anything to hide. That set off a chain reaction of events that have seriously derailed his future and education…

On Thursday, Duren-Sanner, a senior at Northeast High School drove his father’s car to school. During a random lockdown, his car was chosen to be searched.

Duren-Sanner gave permission because he said he had nothing to hide.

His father is a commercial fisherman on the West Coast and had apparently left a fishing knife in the car. Duren-Sanner’s father said it might have been wedged between one of the seats.

Duren-Sanner said he told school officials and the Sheriff’s department the car was his father’s and he didn’t know the knife was in it.

“He’s like ‘it doesn’t matter it was in your possession anyway,’” Duren-Sanner said.

In an incident of absolutely monumental overreaction, the punishment was extreme, so much so that it threatens the boy’s future. Not only are his chances at a scholarship now in jeopardy, but he also faces felony charges.

School officials suspended him for 10 days, the maximum allowed underschool policy, and then he was reprimanded to attend 90 days at an alternative school.

Duren-Sanner has an appeal hearing on Wednesday with the school board.

If his punishment is upheld, Duren-Sanner will not be able to attend prom, his JROTC ball or walk at graduation. His family said it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to graduate at all.

Duren said her grandson has a 3.0 grade point average, is on the honor roll and he has never even been sent to the principal’s office She said scholarship applications have stopped since it is unclear what her grandson’s future is.

Duren-Sanner also faces weapons charges with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.

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