What We Learned From Bill O’Reilly’s Interview with Obama

What we learned is that nothing is going to change over the next three years. Obama will continue to stay in campaign mode, dance around important issues we face as a nation, not really answer question and never admit his mistakes. Therefore, Obama will not learn from his mistakes, but rather cover the mistakes up with long non answers designed to deflect away from answers to questions he is asked. Yet again while being interviewed Obama blamed Fox News for doing exactly what responsible news organizations should do, hold this President accountable for the actions of his administration. Blame and excuses are Obama’s trademark. The liberal media is right there with him. Obama does not like to be challenged or be held accountable. The nation will remain leaderless under Obama. The next three years will be more of the same. More campaign style speeches portraying himself as an innocent by-stander the last 5 years, more debt, a slow economy with weak job growth. more government programs and more people dependent on government handouts. We are headed in the wrong direction as a nation.


2 thoughts on “What We Learned From Bill O’Reilly’s Interview with Obama

  1. Do you ever wonder is ANYONE has held Obama accountable for other things throughout his life??

    But definitely agreed that he won’t learn from his mistakes – because first and foremost he would need to acknowledge that he made mistakes. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon – unfortunately for all of us.

  2. Catherine says:

    We can all hope and pray that the coming OAS on May 16th will be the end of this tyrants reign.

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