MSNBC Sinks To A New Low

MSNBC once again shows their true feelings with a tweet implying conservatives are racists. This type of thinking and attitude is a pattern at MSNBC, not a one time mistake. The hosts of their shows claim to be tolerant and understanding. Yet, the example they set over and over seems to be the opposite. The truth is they are tolerant and understanding only to those that agree with them.  They really can’t deny this as there are plenty of examples to prove the opposite on their network.  They continue to show their prejudice all the while they proclaim conservatives are the prejudice ones.  I don’t know, but maybe because their rating are so low they feel they can attract a bigger audience with their outrageous claims that unfortunately will be believed by some liberals. They really don’t have anything else, except to mock conservatives, given their quest to promote the Obama administration on their shows. By any measure Obama’s policies have failed. Oh they can distort the numbers all they want and they do. They can continue to blame George Bush and they will. But the truth comes out at some point. Liberal solutions have never worked and the historical data shows liberal solution may have made thing worse. More government handouts have only served as a disincentive for people to help them selves. There are plenty of examples of workers not wanting promotions or pay raises for fear they will have to give up government assistance like food stamps. These programs only serve to make people more dependent.  I believe MSNBC will continue to heap praise on Obama, distort the facts and slam conservatives with false labels, nothing will change.


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