What is Your Biggest Disappointment with Obama

I just got an email from GOP.com about my biggest disappointment with the Obama administration and its tough to narrow it down to just one. What would you choose??

What is the biggest disappointment in the current state of our union under Obama?

Jobs: Under Obama, over 20 million Americans are still struggling to find work, despite billions of dollars in binge government spending and empty promises.

Debt: Obama promised to tackle our debt and entitlement problems. But on his watch, the national debt has gone up $6.6 trillion, and Medicare and Social Security are still on a path to bankruptcy.

Health Care: ObamaCare was the liberals’ dream solution to our health care problems. But since Obama took office, insurance costs for families have gone up by $3,671 and 5 million Americans have received cancellation notices for their health plans.

Benghazi: Obama promised swift justice for the Benghazi attackers, but what we got was a political scandal. None of the Benghazi suspects have been brought to trial for their connection with the attack on our consulate and the murder of one of our Ambassadors.

Government: Obama has let the federal government run wild: the IRS targeted conservative organizations, Obama’s agencies threw lavish taxpayer-funded parties, and lobbyists continue to pass through the revolving door at the

This is the link if you’d like to make your voice heard – http://www.gop.com/act/sotu-survey


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