Time To Remember 1776

On Thursday January 23, 2013 The senator from New York, Chuck Schumer spoke out against The Tea Party.  Schumer wants increased scrutiny by the IRS on Tea Party groups. Schumer’s comments were made while speaking to the Center for American Progress. I know, they have the nerve to call what they want progress. Schumer made his dislike of the Tea Party very clear.  You know too many voters have become drones, fall for the free candy bar speeches and vote Democrat  which is a vote to take away their freedom and liberty.  Liberal Democrats, some are socialist and some are out right communists applaud what Schumer preaches. Unfortunately even some Republicans seem to join in when it comes to the Tea Party.  Lets see, the Tea Party is against having a big bloated government that is too involved in our lives and has an appetite for more and more taxes. See a comparison here with what the Tea Party stands for and what happened over 200 years ago?  It is time to wake up and see that Chuck Schumer and those that believe what he believes is the problem not the Tea Party. Oh but Schumer will tell you he has your best interest at heart.  Time to wake up and see what is really happening here. Time to study a little history.


3 thoughts on “Time To Remember 1776

  1. I’ve often thought many people need to go back and review the history of the country — and way too many people take their freedoms for granted.

  2. tkcordato says:

    You certainly are on to something. History is very important. Maybe if more Americans studied American History, particularly the American Revolution, they may ask the question: Who’s side would Chuck Schumer be on? From his comments I think it is obvious he would not back the colonists.

  3. Catherine says:

    To answer your question tkcordato…Schumer would be a Tory. History seems to repeat itself more often than not. I think this time though, we should throw Schumer and his ilk into Boston Harbor instead of tea.

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