Obama – Liberal or Destructive or Both

If you look at various right leaning, conservative and/or libertarian content – you will likely see comments and editorials on “Obama’s liberal agenda”. But a thought just hit me — and it takes the political element out of the issue.

Sure – I agree Obama is liberal in things he does — but its more that the things he is doing are destructive to the America we all knew.

The health care system reconstruction or destruction, support for gay marriage, support for abortion rights, support for “women’s rights”, the aggression against “Christians”, turning a blind eye to many issues that could be classified as “racial” and that are racial motivated against white Americans, and so many more examples are based in liberalism and they are tools to use – but it seems to me the bigger picture and more important agenda for Obama and his cronies – is the destruction of the American way of life, the idea of American Exceptionalism, Capitalism, and last but definitely not least – the Constitution of the United States.

You know the Constitution, patriotism and the pride in being an America – not something hyphen American — but an American.  Have pride in your family roots and heritage and everyone in this country has roots and heritage that started somewhere else – but once you decide to live here and make the effort to become a citizen – you should understand you are then an American. If that is an issue and you aren’t proud or willing to be a proud American – then go home. But that is the tip of a large discussion I’ll save for another day.

What do you think – how would you describe Obama’s agenda?


One thought on “Obama – Liberal or Destructive or Both

  1. usawoman says:

    Great post. You’re right..Obama and his cronies are out to destroy this great country. What I find amazing is that he didn’t lie about that. He stated right from the beginning that he was going to fundamentally change America. What I don’t understand is so many people buying into the progressive ideal of some type of utopian world where everyone is the same. They seem to be so caught up in their rose-colored-glasses outlook that they don’t see the truth–it’s all about control and power by a few. Where will our freedoms be then? And will the progressives be happy with the new world they helped to create?

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