Chubby Women Have Brains, Too!

Image I’m going to veer away from politics and other bothersome headlines and express some disdain for Fox News.  Oh, I truly enjoy listening to their reports, and I have faith in what they share, but I have to ask…what is it that most of the women on Fox have in common?  If you look at the picture, you’ll see, if you haven’t already figured it out.  Does there have to be a ‘leggy’ good looking broad on screen in order for some to absorb the news.  To me, the presence of only trim, slim, and mostly blonde women on the network smacks to me of half-naked women splaying themselves across the hood of an automobile on most car magazine overs.  Can’t men read about vehicles unless they see a babe in a bathing suit?  Now most of them have tatoos.

Do I sound bitter? I suppose I am.  For once, I’d like to see a chubby woman reporting the news or claiming to be on a diet.  Tonight I noticed that the face of one of the gals on the five didn’t even move above her lips.  Suppose she’s had botox?  I want to identify with those who report the news  I want to see some dimply legs, a belly roll, or some skin tags.  I think the ladies on Fox do a wonderful job…I just resent their looks…all except Greta.  BTW, how do you suppose she got the job?


About mizging

I'm a multi-published author, mother of two grown sons and companion and caretaker to a ten-year-old special needs grandson, Spencer. Besides him, writing is my passion and every release has been a special reason to celebrate, but first and foremost, I'm an American, concerned with the direction our country is taking. My opinions are my own and I'm not asking for agreement, simply that people consider the facts presented by me and my web mates.

3 thoughts on “Chubby Women Have Brains, Too!

  1. It would be nice to see someone that is more “average” or even plus size – but the women on Fox are smart and accomplished. The demographics of most TV programs dictate attractive people – men and women. The news, talk shows, game shows and on and on and on – its irritating but its the nature of a visual medium. I don’t really mind that they are pretty, but I am happy they smart, and that they have minds that work and they aren’t afraid to use them 🙂 I just want the millions that need to “wake up” to listen and if they are more likely to give the news a chance if the anchor is pretty – I’m not going to complain about that. I notice how the person looks, but doesn’t matter to me. But I do enjoy the segments that Bill Hemmer and Tucker Carlson do – for two examples. The fact they are nice people and know what they are talking about are bonuses.

  2. usawoman says:

    There are some gorgeous women on Fox! The image above reminds me of watching The Kelly File. She sits at her desk with feet and knees together, and has the best legs. I think I’m just a little jealous!

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