ACA Hardship Exemptions and Catastrophic Plans

I want to put this on paper and see where I’m going wrong —

Let me see if I understand this — 5-6 million Americans had insurance they researched, purchased and used, the the Obama administration decided it wasn’t “good enough” so the policies were cancelled.

NOW – in another half baked attempt to boost their “enrollment” numbers, they are going to “allow” people with “hardships” to buy a catastrophic policy which likely provides little to no benefits these people need – but will bring money into the ever hunger and empty Obamacare coffers…. did I miss something???

Sounds like another Obamacare band-aid. The ACA (and the name has truly become a joke) needs more patching up than a mummy —–

I blogged about the option of catastrophic plans through Obamacare earlier – you can read more here

Is anyone else curious what in the world the administration did for 3 1/2 years to prepare for the launch of Obamacare?? It seems that the main thing they did was pat themselves on the back for shoving this law down the throats of the American people – they certainly didn’t spend the time planning to actual make it work. Seems like a clear indication to me that people who have no clue how to setup, manager and keep a business within budget – should NOT be in charge of anything in our government. The private sector understands the inherent limitations when you are running a business – the people behind the ACA do not have a clue or they have no concern for well being of the American people… I’ll let you speculate on what the problem is with them.


2 thoughts on “ACA Hardship Exemptions and Catastrophic Plans

  1. usawoman says:

    Good post, and I love the image of the unraveling mummy. My question about the ACA is, if there were 30 million uninsured in the USA, and only 2 million have signed up for insurance under the ACA, where are all of these uninsured?

    • Did you hear the report today that if you dig down – 2 million filled out the application but only 15-20% of those actually bought a policy? But I agree with your question. Also heard a report that over 90% of the people with employee insurance policies are expected to be affected when the employer mandate goes into effect later this year. The administration is managing to decimate the insurance industry – and we the tax payers get to foot the bill in multiple ways, paying premiums, higher deductibles, fines/taxes and through the bailouts that are in the law for insurance companies since it looks like yet another government program that won’t be able to sustain itself.

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