Obamacare Ad – Forget About the Price Tag

Are they kidding?? Even IF HHS and the judging panel loves this video, they show how insanely out of touch they are by leaving this name on the winner of the Obamacare video contest.

What do you think?

This is a compilation of the finalists, but “Forget About the Price Tag” is the winner — I feel bad for the woman in the video, but you promote the Obama administration at your own risk… just ask the woman who WAS on the front of Healthcare.gov


2 thoughts on “Obamacare Ad – Forget About the Price Tag

  1. usawoman says:

    Unfortunate title for this ad, since we all know how outrageous the “price tag” is. Speaking for the girl, though. She’s pretty and has a good voice. Maybe this will advance her career??

    • I thought she wasn’t bad – could be good exposure for her, with liberals anyway 🙂 I do feel bad for her though. And yes – the title is really bad given everything we know about Obamacare.

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