Wanted: Positive Obamacare Experiences

There are “horror stories” coming from all directions about problems with Obamacare – whether it is problems with the website, people losing their insurance policies, losing their doctor, losing their hospital or having less options and higher premiums and deductions and on and on.

So, the Obama spin machine has been fired up and they are setting aside $1 million (so far) to pay Families USA to find positive stories. My first question is – who is going to fact check the stories? Who is going to follow up with these people after January 1, 2014 to make sure they are really getting the deals and to verify if they are able to get health care. Having an insurance card is one thing – getting quality health care can be a very different thing. I knew the Affordable Care Act would be a disaster – but really thought it wouldn’t fall apart so bad before people actually start trying to use these new policies.

Below is an excerpt from Time about the latest plan to “sell” Obamacare. And get this, in addition to a variety of US blogs, Voice of Russia website is even reporting on this — its an interesting interview – http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_11_30/Families-USA-receives-1-mln-for-successful-stories-promoting-Obamacare-7354/ 

TIME reports:

Families USA has received a $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which it will use to collect and distribute to the media personal stories of those who have benefited from the new health insurance exchangerolled out by the Obama Administration October 1. The announcement is good news for the President, who has been widely criticized for the horrible launch of the online marketplace healthcare.gov.

Families USA, a national nonpartisan nonprofit organization that calls itself “The Voice for Health Care Consumers,” has been helping journalists find health care stories for decades. They found stories before the ACA was enacted in 2010 to show how the bill could prove beneficial, and have since collected stories of beneficiaries, like the young adult who can now stay on their parents’ health care plan and the consumer with a pre-existing condition who now can buy insurance.

The unsolicited donation will “significantly expand” the story bank, which is already over 950 strong, Pollack says, and allow the organization and its partner GMMB, a communications firm, to hire six new positions in Washington, DC. Pollack says that Families USA will be providing new stories for the media and others who are interested “before the month is over.” “We have a bunch of stories that are in the hopper for vetting,” adds Pollack.

Source of Time quote and the remainder of the article – http://dcclothesline.com/2013/12/03/families-usa-gets-million-dollars-tell-pro-obamacare-stories/


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