Details About Jobs in the US

We all know that the financial collapse and the recession were in full swing at the time Barack Obama was sworn in for his first term. Over the last week – the mainstream media and the president were talking about how good the unemployment numbers were and how good to job picture looks. There was that typical Obama jab about how the partial government shutdown had quite an impact on the unemployment numbers in the last quarter. Seriously – a small percentage of “non-essential” government employees were off for a couple of weeks. Let’s get serious – that is not the cause for the unemployment numbers – which ticked UP. Strange – when I was in math class long ago – when numbers were good, the bad numbers go down… maybe this is a new – new math I haven’t studied…

I just saw an article that puts the unemployment and employment situation into perspective. I only shared his 10 facts (and the various links for more details about each stat). The link to the full article is at the bottom of the post.

Notice the gray section in the image under #1 – which shows the time period of the “actual recession” according to the government. Kind of makes you question “the recovery” we’ve heard so much about.

Any question that the current administration thorough screwed up any potential “recovery”? I’m aware that Bill Clinton proudly proclaimed during the last presidential election cycle that no one could’ve done more — of course its been revealed since then, the Clinton’s made a deal with Obama to endorse Hillary for president in 2016. Hmmm – wonder if that “deal” will go any better than the deal Oprah made in exchange for her help? I doubt it….

10 Facts About The Growing Unemployment Crisis In America That Will Blow Your Mind

#1 The percentage of working age Americans with a job fell to 58.3 percent in October.  The lowest that number has been at any point since the year 2000 is 58.2 percent.  In other words, there has been absolutely no “jobs recovery”.  During the last recession, the civilian employment-population ratio dropped from about 63 percent to below 59 percent and it has stayed there for 50 months in a row.  Will the percentage of working age Americans with a job soon drop below the 58 percent mark?…

Employment-Population Ratio November 2013

#2 The U.S. economy lost 623,000 full-time jobs last month.  But we are being told to believe that the economy is actually getting “better”.

#3 The number of American women with a job fell by 357,000 during the month of October.

#4 The average duration of unemployment in October 2013 was nearly three times as long as it was in October 2000.

#5 The number of Americans “not in the labor force” increased by an astounding 932,000 during October.  In other words, the Obama administration would have us believe that nearly a million people “disappeared” from the U.S. labor force in a single month.

#6 The number of Americans “not in the labor force” has grown by more than 11 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#7 In October, the U.S. labor force participation rate fell from 63.2 percent to 62.8 percent.  It is now the lowest that it has been since 1978.  Below is a chart which shows how the labor force participation rate has been steadily declining since the year 2000.  How can the economy be “healthy” if the percentage of Americans that are participating in the labor force is continually declining?…

Labor Force Participation Rate

#8 If the labor force participation rate was still at the same level it was at when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the official unemployment rate would be about 11 percent right now.

#9 Even if you are working, that does not mean that you are able to take care of yourself and your family without any help.  In fact, approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.

#10 In January 2000, there were 75 million working age Americans that did not have a job.  Today, there are 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job.

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