Tonight on Huckabee the parents of a Seal Team 6 member were interviewed about their son’s death and the book his father wrote about the events surrounding his death. It sounds to me like a book people need to read. I’ll leave that decision to you – but I will include the book description below… and I plan to read it soon.

Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father

Before BENGHAZI, There was EXTORTION 17…. August 06, 2011, 2:20 a.m.—Operation Lefty Grove is underway, Betrayed Cover Arta highly dangerous mission to take out another high-level Taliban operative, three months after the death of Osama Bin Laden. In the dark of night, twenty-five US Special Ops Forces and a five-man flight crew on board Extortion 17, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Seven unidentified Afghan Commandos are allowed to join them. Ground forces have already been engaged in a three-hour exhaustive battle. Extortion 17’s specially trained warriors drop into the Hot Landing Zone to help their fellow warriors. But there’s a problem: the standard chopper escorts have all been directed elsewhere. Mission directions are unclear. Worse, pre-assault fire to cover the Chinook transporting our brave fighting men is not ordered. On that fateful night, Extortion 17 would never touch down. Taliban fighters fired three rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) in rapid succession. The first RPG shot below the Chinook, but the second made contact in what the military would later describe as a “one-in-a-million shot.” The shot struck a rotor blade on the aft (rear) pylon, shearing off ten and a half feet of the blade. The third shot flew above the falling chopper. Within a matter of seconds, the chopper begins to spin violently out of control and then drops vertically into a dry creek bed and is engulfed in a large fireball. There are no survivors. The thirty brave Americans lost that night were more than just warriors. They were husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. Billy Vaughn’s son, Aaron Carson Vaughn, was one of them. Over the next few months as unsettling information on the tragic incident is released to the families, Billy Vaughn becomes increasingly disturbed. Billy discovers that US military forces are not being led to win battles, but have been sent on a fool’s errand to “win the hearts and minds” of other nations. He is told that the US Rules of Engagement have prevented our brave defenders from defending themselves. Adding insult to injury, Billy learned that a Muslim Imam was invited by our own US military leaders to “pray” over his son’s dead body. As US war heroes lay in their caskets before their last flight home, the Imam damned America’s fallen warriors as “infidels” who would burn in hell. As US military leaders observed the ceremony at Bagram Air Base, the Imam boasted over the deaths of US heroes with words such as, “The companions of heaven [Muslims] are the winners.” Betrayed is a heart rending account in America’s history, an engaging novel of faith, patriotism, honor, duty and loss. Betrayed is not just the biography of an American military family, it is a crucial, true-life narrative that every American must read and understand about their government and the danger America’s military strategy currently poses to all families. Betrayed is a book Billy Vaughn wishes he didn’t have to write. But his son is gone and there are still unanswered questions. He needs to know if finding the truth may prevent another father from standing in his shoes.


13 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. Lynnette says:

    I wish people would be told more about the ceremony held before their cremated bodies were sent home. The imam’s prayer gives a clue about why this despicable thing was allowed to happen. I believe it was “allowed” payback. Treason involved, I believe.

    • That’s pretty much what I thought when I read that too — I’d heard about the questionable condition of the helicopter and that Seal Team 6 was obviously put in more danger because the administration publicized they killed Bin Laden. But that’s the first I heard about the Imam and the ceremony. But its clear when they are interviewed that they have spent a lot of time researching any details that are available. The interview is here –

      • Catherine says:

        What that Imam said at that ceremony was so disgusting. If I remember correctly he had damned the souls of those SEALS to Hell and the military officers there let that b—–d get away with it. Ever since Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama occupied the Oval Office more and more of this barbaric excuse for a religion is infiltrating every aspect of our country.

      • It seems that people around the globe have decided its “better” to just allow radical Muslims to do what they want with little or no repercussions, but like so many things in the last 5 years, no one is considering the long term effects of their actions or in this case their in-actions.

  2. Catherine says:

    There have been reports that the helicopter these men were on was not the type the team uses because it was a large, lumbering, slow helicopter easily targeted by enemy weaponry. It was also very unusual that the team would not only use this type of a helicopter but that so many members of one team would be on the same helicopter at the same time. Was this a set-up to destroy members of SEAL Team Six. In my opinion it was not only a set-up but deliberate murder of our service people to satisfy the treasonable acts of a president and vice-president for political purposes.

    • I’ve heard the same – that the helicopter was very out of date and definitely should not have been used this way for this mission etc — it certainly looks like yet another cover up by the administration. You know – get rid of the people you can’t manipulate and that know what really happened. So so sick of feeling the government is so against “we the people”.

  3. usawoman says:

    I did not know that an Imam spoke over the caskets of our fallen warriors. How could that even happen? So very sad. It’s very dangerous for countries around the world to be giving in to the Muslims. When reality hits the proverbial fan, it may be too late to backpedal.

    • I didn’t know about that until I read the book description either – there are way too many things that are happening that only 6 years ago we would’ve felt sure – would never happen in the US or to our service men and women. The “change” in just 5 years is unreal….

      • Catherine says:

        The more I learn about that travesty the more I believe it was a calculated murder of our SEALS to appease the Muslims over the death of Osama Bin Laden. And only one person could have ordered that mission to be carried out, Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama. May his days be numbered and another take his place.

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