You Can Keep Your Hospital – Maybe Not

It appears there will be many broken “promises” – based on the things the American people were told about Obamacare. There will be the usual administration spin – “we didn’t know”, “how could that happen”. “its not our fault”, “its George Bush’s fault”, “its the evil insurance companies”, “it was the Verizon server” and on and on and on.

Since no one in this administration seems to have even a modicum of business knowledge, there are many things in the “Affordable Care Act” that simply are not plausible. They cannot be done – in a business situation, which health care is a business. There are bills that must be paid to keep doctor’s offices and hospitals functioning and those take money – even if you run at a minimal profit level, you must at least break even in order to stay open. That means there are certain limitations that must be in place. If anyone in the administration had an business sense, this would be very obvious.

But its been up to people on the right to say that the law is not sustainable. That doesn’t make the right evil or greedy or heartless, it shows they know what it takes to run a business AND to keep the doors open. With a $17 trillion debt, it is painfully clear that Washington has no idea how to break even on any expenses.

So – in a continuing effort to keep people informed about what is happening with Obamacare – here is a chart of the insurance companies that 18 of the top US hospitals will still accept. That’s right – you can no longer assume your hospital will accept any insurance company. You will need to make sure the hospital of your choice will accept the insurance you have. That’s right – it is possible that you may need to buy an Obamacare approved insurance policy to avoid a federal tax AND pay additional money to be taken care of by the hospital of your choice….

Which Top Hospitals Take Your Health Insurance Under Obamacare?


Chart source –


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