Here’s a thought and I’d like to hear your thoughts….

People keep asking what President Obama knew and when about all the various scandals swirling around the White House and this administration – but that’s not the right question.

We need to ask –

  • What Valerie Jarrett knew?
  • When Valerie Jarrett knew?
  • What if anything she shared with President Obama?
  • What was Valerie Jarrett’s involvement in the IRS targeting Conservatives? valerie-jarrett-puppet-master-photo
  • What was Valerie Jarrett doing during the Benghazi attack?
  • What, if anything, did she say to Obama during the Benghazi attack?
  • Did Valerie Jarrett initiate the “stand down” order?
  • What did Valerie Jarrett know about the NSA spying?
  • What and when did Valerie Jarrett know about all the other scandals?
  • and most important – Why didn’t she tell the president?

If the president’s top adviser doesn’t feel she should tell him about wrongdoing and scandals within his administration, then that needs to be dealt with.

Either –

  • She feels the president doesn’t need to know – which is a problem
  • She is aware they are breaking the law wants to cover his a** – which is a problem
  • She know illegal things are happening (and who doesn’t think she knows) and doesn’t think the president can handle them – which is a problem
  • Or – no one is overseeing the administration.

In any of these scenarios – SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. While I feel Obama supporters/fans were radically misled and misinformed among other issues – BUT I feel confident that they did NOT vote for Valerie Jarrett to have more knowledge, control and power than the president.

So what do you think? Am I totally off base?

Image source –

What Did Obama Know – Is The Wrong Question


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