Interview with Robert Sarvis Libertarian Candidate for VA Governor

Robert Sarvis is campaigning in the race for governor of Virginia. He is undoubtedly an underdog and has been kept out of every debate. But the people who are paying attention – have very good things to say about him. I’ve spoken with people who have been to his events and they are impressed. Commercials for his campaign are airing in Virginia this week in a push to the election.

For people who haven’t heard much or haven’t heard anything about Robert Sarvis – this is a good interview that gives you a good overview of his stand on a variety of topics. I don’t know about you – but a person who has a diverse education, who is an entrepreneur, who’s wife is a doctor and who has two young children and most importantly – is NOT a career politician – could be a very good fit for governor of the Commonwealth of VA.

He tackles many interesting topics in this interview. Whether you’re from VA or not – I encourage you to watch the interview and get a better idea of a libertarian candidate’s outlook…

Visit his website for more information –


2 thoughts on “Interview with Robert Sarvis Libertarian Candidate for VA Governor

  1. amajorpain says:

    Thanks. Thanks a lot Sarv. We could have won without …you!

    • Actually that’s not what the exit poll info I’ve heard says. People that voted for Sarvis seemed evenly split between the two other candidates. Its amazing it was as close as it was – and only because the launch of Obamacare was so horrible. Cuccinelli had baggage – that turned voters off. The people I spoke with that voted for Sarvis were planning not to vote for anyone until they learned more about Sarvis. You’re also ignoring the many voters who chose not to turn out at all. There are plenty of reasons why Cuccinelli lost.

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