US and Syrian Chemical Weapon Disposal

I just spotted the report that the US has “offered” to help facilitate the neutralization of the chemical weapons from Syria – and they are going to do this at sea. And – if you read further, we are paying for it. Ummm, WHY are we paying for it? This should be a world issue – what happened to all those outraged nations who wanted the weapons to be destroyed? They should all be helping to pay.

Anyone else tired of the US service men and women and the US taxpayers being expected to clean up everyone else’s messes and footing the bill?? Anyone who has opened their eyes in the last 5-6 years should have the sense to understand the US has enough of its own messes to clean up – starting in DC would be good. And – anyone who says the US “doesn’t have a spending problem” is senile. Its just that simple.

Here is the report from the Washington Post – and note the comment at the end. Its a process that’s been developed but never used…

U.S. offers to destroy Syrian chemical weapons

DAMASCUS, Syria — The United States has offered to help destroy some of the most lethal parts of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile at an offshore facility, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Saturday.

The international organization’s director general, Ahmet Uzumcu, said in The Hague that the U.S. government will contribute “a destruction technology, full operational support and financing to neutralize” the weapons, most likely on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The weapons are to be removed from Syria by Dec. 31.

Separately, Sigrid Kaag, appointed as the go-between for the United Nations and the OPCW on destroying Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile, laid out some logistical details. Importantly, the weapons will first be packaged and transported from multiple sites within Syria to the country’s largest port, Latakia. Then they will be loaded onto ships owned by other OPCW members before a second handoff to U.S. vessels.

The weapons and chemicals “will not be [destroyed] in Syrian territorial waters,” Kaag said at a news conference in Damascus.

The OPCW also wants nearly 800 tons of dual-use chemicals, many of which are common industrial chemicals, to be removed by Feb. 5 and later destroyed by private companies as part of its ambitious plan to completely eradicate Syria’s chemical weapons program by mid-2014.

Uzumcu said in a statement that 35 private companies have applied so far to participate and are at an early stage of being vetted.

The OPCW was given the responsibility of overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under an agreement reached between the United States and Syrian ally Russia on Sept. 14.

An initial plan to destroy chemicals and weapons in a third country was rejected after no nation was willing to accept the hazardous waste. The possibility of destroying chemicals and weapons in Syria itself was rejected as unworkable amid the country’s civil war.

In Saturday’s statement, the OPCW said a suitable U.S. naval vessel “is undergoing modifications to support the operations and to accommodate verification activities by the OPCW.”

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the ship in question is likely the MV Cape Ray, which would destroy chemical materials using a process developed by the Pentagon but never employed in an actual operation.

— Associated Press


Prepare for Hard Financial Times

We hear national reports about jobs, mortgages, unemployment and the overall economic outlook. We all know it looks bleak and few people I talk to have any confidence there will be any improvement in the foreseeable future unfortunately. But – what about your personal economic outlook? What can you do to help your personal financial situation? I just saw a great article. I’ll share some of the points I like – but I encourage you to real the full article, the link is posted below.


How to Survive a Personal Economic Collapse

With all that is being written about the national economic collapse, people seem to be waiting for some huge event.

However, for many North Americans, the collapse is here. This isn’t relegated to only lower income neighborhoods.  As an article from a Cinncinnati new station stated, “Hunger doesn’t know a zipcode.”

For many people who were formerly financially comfortable, the economic collapse has already happened, in the form of a job loss, hours that have been cut back due to Obamacare requirements for employers, an exorbitant medical bill or other crushing debt, or simply an inflation rate that has outstripped your pay increases.  Despite all of the warnings, many people are still going to be absolutely blindsided.

For many families, personal finances have reached a catastrophic level – they are left to make terrible choices:

  • Which utility can I live without?
  • Should I walk away from my mortgage?
  • Should I eat something so I can work harder or should I skip meals so my kids have food?
  • Should I use the grocery money to take my child to the doctor or should I wait and hope he/she improves without medical intervention?
  • Do I risk the IRS-enforced penalties by forgoing enrollment in Obamacare or should I skip that whole grocery shopping thing so I can pay the monthly premiums and enormous deductibles in order to stay in the government’s good graces?

These are the kind of decisions that people across the nation are grappling with every day.

I’m talking about good people, hardworking men and women who have always been employed and paid their bills. A personal financial crisis does not just strike those stereotypical “welfare queens” with the long manicured nails, Gucci knock-off purse, and a grocery cart full of EBT-funded lobster.

I’m talking about the person next door, who seems to have it all together. I’m talking about that quiet family that sits two rows in front of you at church. I’m talking about that two-income family with two children and a car in the driveway that takes them to work and school 5 days a week. I’m talking about people just like you and me.

What is a personal economic collapse?

A personal economic collapse is a little different than the major crises you see all over Europe right now, where huge segments of the population can’t feed their children or stay employed. It is a crisis that just hits your family due to a given set of circumstances.  (In actuality North Americans are on the brink of the kind of collapse that is occurring in Europe, but because of easy access to credit and a buy-now, pay-later society, many of us still have the appearance of prosperity.)

Here are some signs that you may be in the midst of a personal economic collapse:

  • You can only afford to pay the minimum payment on most of your bills.
  • The same dollar amount you used to spend on groceries doesn’t buy enough food to feed your family for the week.
  • You can’t afford to go to the doctor when you’re sick.
  • You are taking dangerous steps to “stretch” needed medications because you can’t afford the prescriptions.
  • Your utility bills are past due and your power is in danger of being cut off.
  • You skip meals in order to save money or to have enough food for your kids.
  • You’ve lost your job or had your hours cut.
  • You have lost property due to foreclosure or repossession (such as your home or your vehicle).


For ideas, tips and suggestions on ways to cut your expenses – and for more information on these topics – visit the link below…

1.) First you have to see exactly where you are.

2.) Rethink necessities.

3.) Reduce your monthly output

4.) Waste not, want not.

5.) Take control of your food budget.

6.) Reduce your dependence on utilities.

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Charlie Rangel Admits this Democracy is a Charade

An awesome post from Allen West — if you don’t follow him on Facebook or on his website, you should!

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It appears one Democrat member of Congress has decided to drop the mask and reveal who he really is. Unbelievably, Charlie Rangel told NY1 that “President Obama should drop the charade of democracy and rule directly through executive orders.” I mean, why not? After all, Rep. Rangel’s own relationship with following laws is fuzzy at best, given his problems with tax evasion.

According to Politicker, Rangel said “I’m gonna see why we can’t use executive orders for everything.” Why not Charlie? Because of our pesky Constitution, which states executive orders are only to be used in case of national emergency, not as a means by which the executive branch circumvents the legislative branch, or our established process of checks and balances.

Of course, the House of Representatives, which holds the government purse strings, can simply not fund these imperial edicts as handed down from on high.

Have other American presidents utilized the executive order? Absolutely, but none as prominently as President Obama, and perhaps Rangel clues us in as to why.

It was President Obama who stated to a cheering crowd he would bypass Congress to further his agenda, and I guess that’s one thing he didn’t lie about.

Rangel says a precedent has been established – and it’s a very dangerous one when a president believes himself (or herself) above the rule of law and makes decrees to be obeyed outside the legislative branch. This would indeed represent the end of our beloved Republic and the rise of someone similar to a Caesar – which did not end up so well for ol’ Julius.

Rangel’s comments are a window into the mindset of these liberal progressives. They simply do not believe the rule of law should constrain their intentions to fundamentally transform the United States of America. It’s as if they’re sitting back and daring the American people to defy their will. Sadly, I don’t believe the Republican Party has the intestinal fortitude to fight this ideological war. The mission, as it should, falls squarely upon the shoulders of us, We the People. Are you up for this fight? I sure as heck am.

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Navy Vet Shares His Thoughts With Obama

This is a fabulous letter to Obama – Definitely feel free to comment here and the link to his original post is at the bottom, feel free to let him know what you think —-


Mr. Obama

I am a 54 year old white male, born and raised in Texas.  I grew up in an area that was racist to the core, Klan rallies on a regular basis, a Klan bookstore on Main Street. In spite of all that, I was raised to respect others, if not by my parents, by school teachers and others who were open minded and willing to look beyond skin color or other things that make one person different from another. As a young Marine, my grandfather served in China before WWII, my father served in Korea, and after High School I enlisted in the Navy. In other words, I was raised to respect my country, my flag, and all that it stands for. I served my country honorably for thirteen years, I worked in law enforcement for a short time after leaving the Navy. To this day I take the oath I swore to the People of this Nation, and our Constitution very seriously, it has no expiration date.

What you, your predecessor, and our other so called “leaders” of the House and Senate are doing to this country is reprehensible. When you were first elected I felt there might be a real possibility for change, but your lies and failed policies, your refusal to accept ANY responsibility, your total lack of respect for the people of this nation is appalling to say the least. You spend millions to keep your past hidden. You say one thing one day (” We are not listening to your phone calls”), and something totally different the next ( “You can’t have 100% security, and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience,” ). You sir, (and I use the word “sir” very loosely) are a complete and total fraud. You and all the others sent to Washington were sent there to represent US and our interests as a Nation, not to dictate and tear down the fabric of our society. All of you were elected to serve the country as a whole, not the special interests.

As long as I draw breath, I and others like me, will resist your efforts to destroy our Constitution and our way of life. I am proud to be an American, I am proud of my heritage and I shall resist your efforts to drag this country down to third world status. I have been a law abiding citizen all my life. I have played by the rules, gave up a good portion, if not the best years of my life in defense of this Nation. I refuse to sit idly by as you and your cohorts tear this country apart  with your race baiting and other divisive tactics.  I DO NOT FEAR YOU, and I shall not live in fear. Again, your job is to serve We the People.

With Extreme Resolve

Bret W. Bourg


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38 News Oganizations File Official Complaint Against the White House

Its 5 or 6 years late – but the mainstream media is finally starting to wake up. The AP scandal was a nudge for them, but it seems the latest move by the administration was one step too far –

Click the link or the image below to access the video

Obama and His Masters of Control

Obama and Masters of Control

Perspective on Obamacare Sign up Delay for November 2014

You may have heard the news today that the Obama administration has decided to delay the sign ups for Obamacare near the end of last year. They were planned to start around mid October 2014 – now they will start around mid November. In case you didn’t think about it – that is just AFTER the mid term elections at the beginning of November 2014. The Democrats are very concerned about losing control of the Senate – which was also made very obvious by Harry Reid holding a vote on the so called “nuclear option”.

If you’d like some perspective on these decisions – read this excerpt from an article in The Washington Post

…let’s say, by some miracle, Obama’s plan does work, and many in the individual market now losing their plans get to keep them for a year. That just means they will start getting cancellation letters 90 days before the end of the year. In October 2014. One month before the midterm elections.

That is a political disaster for the Democrats.

It gets worse. As the American Enterprise Institute’s Dr. Scott Gottlieb has pointed out, there is already a second wave of cancellations set to come right before the 2014 mid-term elections. It turns out that many small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, who buy in the small-group market, were able to exploit a loophole in Obamacare and avoid for one year the mandates being placed on plans in the individual market. Those businesses get to keep offering coverage that does not meet Obamacare requirements until the end of 2014. But, Gottlieb writes, that means that “starting in October 2014, many employees of small businesses will start getting the same notices that are now being mailed to individuals, informing that their existing health plans are also being cancelled.”

In other words, right before Election Day 2014, people in the small-group market are scheduled to lose their plans. If the fix Obama announced last week succeeds, then many more in the individual market will also lose their plans at the very same time — and Democrats could lose control of the Senate.

Obamacare supporters argue that a year from now the Web site will be working (fingers crossed), in which case all those people losing plans will have somewhere to go. One problem with that. Most of the people in the individual market are young and healthy and don’t use a lot of services. It was Obama’s plan all along to forcibly move millions of those younger, healthier people into the exchanges next year to subsidize care for the old and the sick. But if those younger, healthier people don’t join the exchanges next year, as planned, then the risk pool in 2014 will be older and sicker than expected. That will cause premiums to skyrocket for 2015 — because insurers base their 2015 premiums on their 2014 experience.

So even if the Web site does work a year from now, it won’t matter because Obamacare will be unaffordable. Those losing their plans right before Election Day will be in the same bind they are in today. Except there will be potentially millions more of them than there are today.

To read the full article –


Democratic Hypocrisy on Nuclear Option

When the Democrats were the minority in the Senate – they were totally opposed to using the nuclear option and changing the rules.  Now that Obama is losing popularity, the American people are getting more fed up by the week and there are so many other issues facing the president – the Senate has pushed the nuclear option through and changed the rules.

As far as I’m concerned, the US Senate has lost any credibility is had left. I don’t know about you – but it didn’t have much credibility anyway.

The first clip is a compilation from 2005 including: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Chris Dodd, and Senator Baucus.

Funny – for once, I actually agree with the perspective they all had at that time. But if you watch their comments today – they are the polar opposite of what they had to say 5 years ago.

For more detail –

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